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How do you make a tomato cage bigger

26 days ago

My tomato has already outgrown its cage. I'm not trying to brag. It's planted in the raised bed, and covered with netting, so I don't want to move it. I would search, but it's not Gardeweb, it's Houzz and it gives you way too many suggestions.
Do I somehow rig another cage on top of it? Add some sticks? What would you do? I normally just sort of strap it to the pergola, but it's in the raised bed that's across the yard. I'm doing my very best to keep it away from the hornworms. Over by the pergola , is where the nicotiana and moonflower vine are. I assume the netting and the distance are enough 🤞🏻
Not going to lie, there is an uncovered tomato plant just for the hornworms. I happen to love sphynx moths.

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