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enjoyed the back and forth about a made bed or not. Combining both I think is another welcoming idea by tidying up and rolling back the covers as a welcome into bed sort of invite. It can lure you in for a midday nap ~ so this comes with a word of caution!

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Madison Studios

Make one room your sanctuary and give yourself permission to refresh annually with a set budget to do so.
For example:
Bedroom- new sheets and live plants
Living room- weekly fresh cut flowers or seasonal pillow covers
Kitchen- upgrade of one appliance
Bathroom- floor mats & fresh white spa towels

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Victoria Nelson

These are great suggestions. Interesting to see how controversial the bed-making one was. I think the key is that it depends what's cozy for you. I love having the bed made. It feels wonderful to walk past a made bed throughout the day.

I'm also extremely partial to lighting. I will never outgrow fireplaces, candles and fairy lights. In my bedroom each evening I turn on a very specific combination of lights so that it's just the right level. I also care very greatly about the color of the light. Cold lighting makes me cringe even though I prefer winter outside.

Lastly, I love a space (my own or someone else's) that has character. When my artwork stirs my imagination and reflects what I love, rather than what "looks good" in the space or what's impressive to someone else (they probably aren't invited over anyways) and when the paint colors and textiles, etc. are reflections of my personality it feels like a haven to me.


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