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Jade Brunet

Interviewing a few architects would be a good thing to do before hiring a home addition service. It would be great to see what they think about the possibilities of expanding your house. I have also been informed that it is wise to determine property boundaries before starting a project like this. 

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We are working with a company and every time we go in with plans they want to change them to their own design, adding a bunch of trusses and angles that we don't want and that also adds to the final cost and it's extremely frustrating. Sometimes I think they want to change our design just for the sake of changing it. I was adamant that I want a window next to my front door and they keep redesigning it without room for a window. I don't want a dark foyer. I just sold a house with a dark foyer and hated it. Instead of giving me my window they made a walk-in closet in my guest bedroom. I didn't want a walk in closet. What gives? Anyone else had this experience? I'm getting frustrated. If we don't use them we are obligated to pay a fee but if they don't give us the design we want I'm not going to pay a builder to build what someone else wants. Wth.

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I have a dilemma. My house is a slit level from the 50's and we slowly but surely have been bringing it to this century for the past 5 years. We have now updated the kitchen, bathroom, lower level, HVAC system, electric, etc

Now we have a quote to add a 20x40 pavers patio and access from the main living area to the backyard for $9500. This includes removing the picture windows we currently have on our dining room and replacing it with sliding doors, adding steps to the backyard, paver's patio and a paver's sitting area along one side.

We have also been toying with the idea of converting the garage into a guest bedroom with an in-suite, that would cost us around $12k because my husband has a flooring company and he will be doing the floors as well the mudding/painting.

My question is, we don't really NEED any of this things (the patio or the bedroom), but we would like to do at least one right now and maybe the other down the line. What has the best ROI of these 2 projects?

We intend to live in this house at least 5-7 more years.


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