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As simple as it may seem, the right set of decorative pillows can transform your home's aesthetic. Arranging a few accent pillows around your living room or bedroom is an easy way to create a color palate or add a bold decor element. Whenever you feel like switching up your style, simply change out your throw pillow covers. As you search for the perfect decorative cushions for your home, let the questions below guide you:

What type of accent pillow am I looking for?

Decorative pillows come in a variety of shapes for different types of reclining, so think about how and where you’ll be using your cushions before buying. A classic throw pillow is usually square, and looks great on a couch or chair. If you’d like something to support your lower back, a smaller, rectangular lumbar pillow is just the thing. Extra cushions on a bed can also be a welcome touch, making your sleeping space look even more comfortable and luxurious. Try adding a tall, square Euro pillow to your bed, along with a boudoir or long pillow. For a final decorative touch on the bed or couch, throw on a cylindrical bolster pillow. A variety of different shapes and sizes will ensure comfort and create a visually appealing, plush look in your living or bedroom.

What shape and size do I want my decorative pillow to be?

Consider the size of your couch, chair or bed when determining how big your accent pillows should be. If you’re looking for a variety of decorative pillow covers to swap out, just remember to get the right size for your insert. Standard pillow size for throw cushions is often 18x18 or 20x20. You can also add in round sofa pillows for a contrasting look. If you are looking specifically for couch pillows, make sure they are proportionate to the size of your existing furniture.

What style do I want to channel with my decorative pillows?

Adding colorful throw pillows to a space is one of the easiest ways to bring in a pop of color and create a coherent style. Consider the colors and materials already present in your home, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your decorative pillows. Look for removable covers and pillow inserts, and you’ll be able to change the look of your space whenever you like. For a more natural look, stick to odd numbers. For example, arrange two decorative throw pillows at either end of your couch, and a lumbar support pillow in front of one of them. Besides using different sizes, mixing different yet complementary cover patterns will add layers of style to your room.