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My verandah is 42ft x 12ft. the ceiling fans do not produce much breeze. They just move the hot air around. And yes, floor fans are a must at dusk and dawn to keep the mosquitoes off your ankles.
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Design Freedom, inc.
also check the EnergyStar ratings for your ceiling fans. some are much more efficient than others at moving air - which means less electricity spent, and better air circulation at lower (less noisy) speeds. specifically, go to the EnergyStar website products list and compare the highest CFM per watt at the lowest speed rating for each fan.
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I think industrial (not designer industrial) ceiling fans with aluminum or stainless steel blades would be ideal for a porch, as it gets very hot there and it isn't air-conditioned. For indoors, I like the brass ceiling fans with wood blades with cane inserts and stuff you'd find in a typical classic-style fan.

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