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I really love the top picture! It shows how majestic a kitchen can be with a high roof, dark wooden cabinets, silver appliances and strong granite pillars. I can't imagine what kind of sumptuous food are cooked there. The ambiance is top notch.

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Kitchen Ideas, LLC

Excellent article detailing the benefits of work zones over the kitchen work triangle. When we discovered the Galley Workstation, we immediately felt this singular product would reinvent the kitchen beyond the work zone concept itself by taking scenarios such as prep, cooking, serving, cleaning, etc. and making it possible to accomplish them all at one central location in the kitchen.

Today, three out of five kitchens we design include at least one Galley Workstation. Once someone experiences what it can do for them, the product sells itself.

For us, it is a win-win because we end up with a functional kitchen design we can be proud of as well as a client who could not be happier with their new kitchen. We are certainly sold on it!

Here are a few photos of Galley Workstations in kitchens we have designed.

Heart of the Treehouse · More Info

Historically Classy · More Info
Anything But Vanilla · More Info

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Just had a like on this old thread so decided to post some pics of my completed kitchen and comment on what I finally did get, as the plans on paper proved to be a little different in reality.

I originally said no overheads except for the two fancy ones either side of the rangehood however, the kitchen guy said not having cabinetry over the fridge and oven would look odd, so I agreed to it to conform but not dissapointed with the outcome, albeit I am too short to use them.

I hadn't originally planned to put my microwave up on the wall but it is working fine at the height I have it and it has meant I don't lose bench space with it even though I have enough bench space for two families!!

I have for the time being covered our makeshift benches with stainless and it will eventually be replaced with stone but that's another $10,000 down the track.
I have absolutely oodles of storage and benches and in fact some of my draws are still empty as it's a big kitchen for two people but eventually when another family with children move in, they will be grateful for the storage.

I have 41 draws, with 15 banks of draws in total, 11 banks of three, 1 bank of four, a single under the oven andd the two beside the sink where I have my bins and a draw for teatowels, sounds ridiculous when I actually see it written down but it is as I said a fairly large kitchen, albeit I'm usd to it and done't see it as big, just roomy compared to what | had in the cottage!!

As for the placement of things, I originally had the utensils, plates etc... opposite the proposed DW, as it seemed logical to have it there but as we got used to the kitchen, we found we hovered around the breakfast area where the microwave is, so I ended up moving it all to the other end of the island where it made more sense, so that means walking a few steps to put things away but it isn't posing an issue. I don't have a DW yet either but once I do, it will be just a tad closer.

I'm still moving things around as I discover more about how I do things and have tried to put everyday items close and things that are not used so often placed further away and that seems to be working.

I have a lovely dining area opposite the kitchen too.

What I have found is even with years of planning and drawing, when you actually move into a new kitchen, you find yourself moving things you thought would work where you had them and you continue to modify as you go to suit your lifestyle.

As for working triangles or the lack of them as this thread is talking about, my kitchen is probably a one sided triangle as far as the oven, cooktop and fridge is concerned with my sink way over the other side of the kitchen but I'm ok with that ha-ha

There certainly is nothing better than having oodles of room versus no room which I had before but if you don't have it, you learn to work around it but now I have the room, I don't know I I did it before ha-ha

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