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Nicole Ormrod

well I work full time & have pets & my stuff on my open shelves ( top & bottom ) is every bit as clean as it was when I had cabinets , I don't clean up anymore than I did before & I do cook , maybe if you are a scruff who only cleans once a week then it isn't for you , I see cleaning surfaces & floors in the kitchen as a daily job which is so much easier when you aren't having to empty cabinets ( which usually hoard loads of crap ) first , then again im a freak who wont have a dishwasher either . my pots & pans are used & washed virtually everyday , the glassware on the high shelves is always sparkling if just once a month I give it a quick dip in a sink of hot water.

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Barbara Wolf

As much as cool open shelving is, I have to agree for most houses there are elements to deal with. At our ranch we will always be wondering if miss mouse met me scorpion for tea on our cup. And we are clean and have fowl for critter control. Gods work is everywhere. Yikes

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For all of you who hate industrial style, take some rebar, concrete, build yourselves a bridge and get over it. True, authentic industrial style is not a "trend." It is a throwback to a tough, gritty time in our history when things were built to last and function was more important than aesthetics. Having said that, I personally love the play of materials used back then. I love the juxtaposition of glass and wood and metal and concrete. I love old tools and tool boxes, and I love to find new uses for them. Almost everything in my house has an industrial vibe. Almost everything is rooted in history and has its own story. As a result my house is filled with heart and soul and warmth and comfort. So by all means, stick to your staid, traditional, bland, boring stainless steel and granite while you are living your bland, boring cookie cutter lives in your little cookie cutter houses. Bah, sheep! Bahhhhhh!

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