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Reminds me of being taught, in a Craftsy class on free motion embroidery, that mistakes were just new "design opportunities."

I have been taking my first whack at upholstery this month. On my first two chairs, I took it slow and completed one at a time. The last three I did together because I had figured out what pieces I could pre-make and what had to be measured and hemmed in each chair. Well, that worked except I put on the inner skirt flaps before the welting on all 3! This meant every corner would show the hidden part of the welting. Instead of trying to get the air compressor gunned staples back out x 48 staples, those three chairs have a tiny 3rd layer!

Design opportunities like that shall henceforth be celebrated as my wabi-sabi style! Thanks for the article!
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Natalia Vasketcova
wabi sabi - the Japanese art of appreciating things that are imperfect, primitive and incomplete.
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Della Snyder
As soon as I started reading about wabi-sabi, I had a name for the most comfortable room (to me; I think my husband prefers a room with a large-screen TV!) in our house. Here is just a corner of my own personal wabi-sabi-ness—my art studio, which is situated in a tiny room mostly filled with an atrium.

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