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@Oliv D,

I'm afraid anything near the hotplates is going to eventually get greasy but if you regularly wipe the shelves and wash or use the items on the shelves then you won't have too much work keeping it clean and of course always use the rangehood whilst cooking.

I have a glass cabinet either side of my rangehood and they do get a bit of a greasy film on them, mainly the top, as does the rangehood itself (stainless) but it only takes a few moments to wipe these places down perhaps once a month or longer.

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Open shelves in a kitchen mean only two things to me: more clutter, and more cleaning. No thank you! My current home has long upper cabinets that go to the ceiling, in a warm cherry wood and contemporary style that I love and need for storage.

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Having no upper cabinets or shelves.... This suggestion is only for the young and agile. At 66, with orthopedic issues, I find that having to bend, crouch, lever myself up and down to get in the lower cabinets, is already problematic. And I'm fit and well exercised. Having glassware, coffee cups, plates, bowls, wineglasses at eye level behind closed doors is what I need. I have rented houses in Mexico on both the Caribbean and the Pacific. There it is usual to have only open shelves for the uppers. But everything is hand blown glass or handblown pottery and completely colorful and beautiful. And the idea is that it is air drying with open racks to the tile countertop below. At home it would feel more messy and dusty.

My kitchen is fairly updated ( someone did it before me ). It has a number of pull out bottom drawers for pots as opposed to hard to reach into cabinets. Even with these expensive modifications the lower cabinets are a strain.

My kitchen is medium sized with lots of cabinets and there is still not enough storage. I think if you don't have the upper cabinets or shelves at all that you probably need a huge , closed, walk in pantry with lots of shelves.


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