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Living room - mid-sized industrial formal and open concept black floor and concrete floor living room idea in Atlanta with gray walls
MaRae Simone Interiors, LLC
MaRae Simone Interiors, LLC
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LOFT 2.0

Industrial Living Room, Atlanta

In some ways, this room is so inviting it makes you think OMG I want to be in that room, and at the same time, it seems so perfect you almost don’t want to disturb it. So is this room for show or for function? “It’s both,” MaRae Simone says. Even though it’s so beautiful, sexy and perfect, it’s still designed to be livable and functional. The sofa comes with an extra dose of comfort. You’ll also notice from this room that MaRae loves to layer. Put rugs on top of rugs. Throws on top of throws. “I love the layering effect,” MaRae says. MaRae Simone Interiors, Marc Mauldin Photography

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