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Corner Bathroom Vanities

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Petite and practical, corner vanities can be a great solution for small bathrooms. Because they tuck conveniently into a corner, this design maximizes the space you do have, without sacrificing style or function. While you search for just the right vanity for your space, allow the following tips to guide you.

Pick a Size

While corner vanities tend to be on the smaller side, you can still find them in a range of sizes. Having a bit of counter space is nice, but only opt for a wider design if you’ve truly got the space for it — you also don’t want to keep bumping edges while you’re in the bathroom. The most basic design is a corner bathroom vanity with a single pedestal sink, which doesn’t typically have any counter or storage space. But you can also find wider versions with a cabinet or drawers built in below, which are ideal for holding toiletries or extra toilet paper rolls.

Choose Your Style

Whatever style bathroom you have, you can find a corner vanity to match. While their delicate size and shape goes particularly well with a traditional or farmhouse look, you can also find sleek modern designs to suit your space. All-porcelain pedestals are gorgeous, while wooden bases will lend instant warmth to your bathroom.

Design Your Space

If you’re still in need of corner bathroom vanity ideas, keep in mind that the wall is your friend. Adding hooks to hang a hair dryer or even your brush can go a long way. A mirror with a built-in medicine cabinet behind it will add plenty of room to tuck away toothbrushes and toothpaste. And you can even have a soap dispenser mounted to the wall next to your sink.