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Trying to find the perfect contemporary desk for your home office but aren’t sure where to start? Let Houzz help you find exactly what you have been looking for with our large selection of contemporary home office desks, modern computer desks, and everything in between! Featuring a sleek design, often with slender yet sturdy features, these pieces of home office furniture are ideal for smaller office spaces or the multi-functional home office. Have a large home office you need to furnish? Don't worry, there are plenty of large and oversized ones to add to your office space as well! Here are a few buying tips to guide you through the designer desk shopping process.

Would a modern computer desk work best for your space or do you need a narrow desk with drawers to fit into a smaller space while offering additional storage to reduce clutter? Close your eyes and envision the home office of your dreams. Remember, this is your office to furnish and decorate so it works for you! Now that you have chosen the type it is time to narrow down the features that are most important for you. If you have a lot of paperwork or notebooks to store away to reduce clutter - a contemporary black desk with drawers and a hutch for accessories is a good place to start. If you spend more of your time online, a modern computer desk that has ample surface space for dual monitors is probably more important for your workstation.

Now to the fun part - time to pick out the crucial aesthetics like material and color! For many people it is important to continue their current interior design style into their home office. Having the same sleek, clean look to home office furniture is simple when you look for pieces like a black and white desk made from acrylic and metal. If two-toned black and white desks aren’t really aligned with your taste, something more minimalist like an all metal black desk with drawers may help you achieve the office space you envisioned. If monochromatic tones don’t match up with your expectations and you’d like your workstation to truly attract the eye - look for colors like yellow or teal! These electric colors are a fun, easy way to incorporate a workstation into a multi-functional space like a living room or bedroom since they amp up the decor while providing space to work. These are just a few of the options you’ll find in our selection and since you’re your own boss, we say create a home office that suits your work style and personality. There are no limits to which you can design your contemporary home office when you are the one designing it!