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Farmhouse Dining Room Tables

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If you want a homey yet elegant spot to gather over dinner, it’s hard to beat the appeal of a farmhouse dining table. Typically made of wood with a rustic finish and traditional detailing, this style is perfect for everything from casual weeknights to dinner parties. While you browse for the perfect new table, consider what shape, size and finish would complement your home.

Choose a Size and Shape that Fits

From small and round farmhouse dining tables for a breakfast nook, to long and grand ones for a dining room, there are a number of shapes and sizes to choose from. Round tables typically have a pedestal base and are great for fitting into a corner or squeezing extra guests around. On the other hand, if you’re furnishing a formal dining room, you’ll likely want to look for a rectangular table. For a more traditional look, go with a classic four leg base design. If you want to make more of a statement, a trestle base goes well with bench seating.

Long and narrow farmhouse dining tables can look particularly elegant if you’ve got the space. This shape is perfect for sharing dishes among guests at a dinner party and fostering lively conversation. If you’d like the flexibility of making your table smaller or larger depending on the occasion, look for one that’s extendable or that has a leaf.

Pick a Style and Finish You Love

While farmhouse interiors are typically characterized by rustic finishes, natural materials and light woods and whites, they also take well to elements of other styles. If you want a dining table with a modern or industrial flair, look for one with a metal base and a reclaimed wood top. If a stately, traditional look is more your style, opt for one with a solid wood top and scrolled legs. To take things in a French country direction, try pairing a white dining table with a sage green sideboard or light blue seat cushions.

At its core, farmhouse style is casual and homey, so don’t be afraid to mismatch colors and finishes and use simple, unadorned furniture pieces. A light to medium wood table with straight legs is a classic choice for a family dining table — ideal for doing homework or serving Wednesday night dinner.