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Kids' Bedding

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Finding the right kind of kid's bedding for your child can definitely be a challenge. In terms of style alone, there are a lot of issues. When your child reaches a certain age, odds are that he or she will have some specific opinions about how their room should look. Finding some fun childrens bedding and sheets for your kids is a great way to make a stylish statement that your child will love, without having to spend too much money and compromise on style. Sit down with your child and really talk to them about what kind of look they want to have in their room. What kinds of things do they like to do? How can their sheets reflect that? Do they have a favorite animal? A sport or hobby they love? Try incorporating that into their bedding.

What comes in a child's bedding set?

Just like a bed for an adult, children's bedding usually includes some sort of comforter or blanket, decorative pillows, bed pillows, shams, bed skirts, sheets, and mattress pads. Duvet covers, shams, and pillow cases are particularly important for a child's bedding, since they can help protect the more expensive parts of the bedding (a comforter or pillow) from stains and wear. A mattress pad helps protect the mattress from stains and wear as well. Most mattress pads are available in cotton for easy washing, or can be Teflon treated to prevent stains. Some also come with a rubber-coated back, which helps keep the mattress dry. All of these are great precautions for younger children especially, who may still have problems wetting the bed.

What bedding material works best for children?

A child's skin is still more sensitive than that of an adult, so try to pick bedding elements that are soft, but can still withstand a lot of wear and tear. Most comforters, quilts, and sheets are made of cotton. However, there can be a big difference in texture and look, due to the thread count and production process of the material. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the material will be. For your child's bed, you'd want to have at least 200 thread count or higher.

If your child has allergies or asthma, look into hypoallergenic materials, and avoid any type of bedding that uses feathers for filling. Eco-friendly and organic bedding options are usually made without using harsh chemicals or dyes, which can hurt sensitive skin. Try to avoid super synthetic blends. Not only are these full of chemical fabric treatments, and wear terribly, but they're also highly flammable.

What style bedding should I look for?

Classic: A more classic type of bedding for a child's room will go well with a more traditional styled household. Look for things that make sense with the rest of the style of your home — do you prefer patterns or more simple textiles? Also, try to stick within the same frame of colors. If your home has a lot of soft colors, try working with pastels.
Modern: There are lots of more modern bedding designs for children, which can still be a lot of fun and encourage creativity with bright colors and bold patterns. Look for neon stripes, big polka dots, and other graphic patterns that will give your child the feel they want in the bedroom.
Theme: Before you commit to a themed room, figure out exactly how far you're willing to take this theme throughout the bedroom. Do you want it all to coordinate? Or is this just going to involve a few decorative throw pillows? Decide if you want to go with something specific — like Bob the Builder — or if you'd rather go with a more generic theme — like tractors.

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