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The finishing touches to any room are like the cherry on top of a sundae — small in size compared to the rest of the space, but dramatic in effect and impact. It’s the switch plates and outlet covers that tend to receive the most personal contact while in a space, whether you notice them or not. Every time you walk in or out of a room or need to plug something in, your hand and eyes are drawn closer to these wall plates than many other features in the room. Why not choose something to cover your outlets worth looking at?

Do my outlet covers need to match the finishes in my room?

When choosing your switch plates and outlet covers, don’t feel like you need to limit yourself only to the finishes that you have used throughout your house already. Consistency and care are important, but so is personal expression. It’s not necessary to perfectly match your switch plates with your frames and light fixtures, but make sure to take them into consideration when selecting the finish and style.

Unlike pulls, knobs, and other hardware pieces, switch plates and outlet covers are nearly wall decor items in themselves. Functionally, they serve as decorative frames to light switches and plugs. With that in mind, painted ceramic or hammered tin could just as perfectly suit your walls as plain nickel, chrome, or bronze.