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The task of keeping your kid’s room clutter-free is a daunting one. With stuffed animals and action figures strewn about, cleanup time can seem pointless, but with the right toy organizer system in place, it can be fun and educational for your child. The key to to maintaining your own sanity and ensuring toys are readily available for an impromptu tea party or after school play date, lies in maximizing space in an organized and accessible way. Whether your solution is individual storage bins for toys, a toy hammock or stacking cubby storage, you’ll be teaching your kids about organization and responsibility, while saving everyone from tripping over trains and puzzle pieces — a win-win for all! Read the following tips for creating the best toy room storage and playroom storage for toys.

Toy shelves keep floors clean.

Both freestanding and wall shelves keep toys off the floor and can be perfect staging areas for vignettes of displayed collectibles. Your kids will love having the freedom to pick and choose which dolls, animals or cars they wish to showcase, and you will appreciate a clear floor come time to sweep or vacuum. Make sure to the shelves are within arms reach so they can reach them safely, and that wall mounted displays are securely fastened and not overloaded.

Toy storage bins provide portability.

Cardboard, plastic and canvas toy bins are versatile and portable — perfect for open shelving, cubbies or floors. It’s easy to categorize with this type of organizer (try color coding and/or labeling for efficiency) and they can quickly convert an empty bookshelf into a toy bin organizer. Look for a toy organizer with bins that are removable, for the ability to use them around the house as needed, while using the empty space for books or clothes. Lots of kids storage designs are made from durable fabrics now, so they can be collapsed, washed and hauled around from place to place without a problem.

Don’t forget about over and underbed toy storage.

Toys always seem to multiply, so if you find you’re all out of floor and wall space, look both up and down. Under bed storage is often the last frontier when it comes to tapping extra storage space, but rolling toy organizer bins, for example, can keep things tucked away neatly and accessibly. It is the perfect place for items that are less frequently used or that take up a lot of space. Alternatively, try placing a toy hammock above a bed or in any available corner. These give kids quick access to a snuggle buddy for nap time and keep the bed from being overloaded. Stick to storing stuffed animals and dolls though, and avoid putting any hard or heavy items in the hammock.

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