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How Do I Level a Large Lawn

11 years ago

I read the entire thread on leveling a lawn with sand, but there is no way I can level two acres that way. I basically bought a farm field, built a house on it and started mowing the field. I planted decent fescue grass and to be honest it looks very good just to look at it from a distance. But when you walk on it you might twist your ankle.

Cutting it with my tractor is a real chore becasue it is so rough that you are bounced around for the two+ hours it takes to mow it. I did a good job of smoothing and leveling around the patio in the back and out about 30' which is the area we use the most.

I brought in a big dump truck of topsoil about 4 or 5 years ago and spread it around the back. Helped a little in the short term, but it's rougher than ever now because I had to mow it when it was wet this year several times.

It's a very hard clay soil. I bought an old Troy Built Horse tiller last year but have never even used it yet. My plan was to use it to work about 1/4 of an acre at a time.

Here is what I am thinking of doing. Tilling the soil the best I can, and to be honest I have no idea how good that will be. Then taking some sand or something and putting down and mixing that with the clay soil and then smoothing it out and planting grass.

I know I would take a lot more pride in doing it myself, but is this more than a 62 year old guy can handle? Should I just bite the bullet and hire somebody? Probably cost a couple thousand dollars or more and I can think of much better ways to spend that much money.

Oh yeah I have also planted about 75 trees on the property, a combination of Maple trees and Norway Spruces. I buy cheap Norway Spruces each year for less than $20 each and plant them. Some are about 15' tall now. Some are not doing so good, but most of them look great.

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