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Joy! It is raining all over northern California

14 years ago

I'm sorry that some places have been deluged with too much rain, and do realize that it causes serious problems. But here in San Jose area, we only got ten inches of rain all of last year. In southern California it was worse. Periodic droughts are normal, but I have been concerned about the lack of rain. Now it has been raining on and off for about 36 hours, heavy rain for a couple of hours early on Wednesday, then light rain on and off ever since. I am so delighted. I keep humming the cheerful parts of that misery-celebrating song "I'm Only Happy When It Rains". You really have to pick and choose to get happiness out of that song!

I had started my winter pruning and have stopped for now. With the holiday preparations bearing down on us, I may not get back to this annual chore until the end of the month, but all is good. My garden needed rainfall more than it needed me to get the pruning done early.


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