Opalka vs Amish Paste?

January 25, 2008

Okay, This is only my second year with my garden, so I'm looking to expand my horizens past the Roma.

We do about 95% canning, so I was looking for a good paste...already read the paste suggestions which lead me to finally ask this question ;)

I had *planned* on doing Romas (as a known factor) and then trying the Amish Paste, as my "new" one because I heard it was really tasty, etc, etc....BUT alot of ya'll on the paste rec thread seem to LOVE the Opalka (as well as others of course).

So have any of you grown both of them? If so which did you like better? I havn't ordered seed yet so I have time to change my mind ;)



Oh and ... the others I'm growing this year will be

Fox Cherry

Pink Oxheart

Purple Russian - because I want to try a different colored one each year ;)

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