7 years ago

Some or most or all of "you" may be aware of this, but cellophane is - and I quote - 100% biodegradable.

"So what?" you may be asking. Well... Glad you asked.

I receive MANY envelopes each week in the mail, each with cellophane windows. Up to today, I was tearing off the cellophane because I didn't want it in with the worm bedding. I got tired of tearing those little windows out before I shredded the envelopes, so I looked up cellophane. If you believe what is written on Wikipedia and other web sources, it is 100% cellulose. I have looked up the chemical formula in a CRC and it is indeed "cellulose". Unless someone has some additional information that would override the above, I intend to "feed" cellulose as cellophane to my worms.

I am going to conduct a bit of an experiment, and drop some in some water for a while and see what the result is.


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