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Using a steamer to clean stainless steel

16 years ago

Has anyone ever done this? If so, what were the results?

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  • 16 years ago

    Hi blairgirl!
    I use my hand held steamer and a micro fiber cloth all the time on my stainless and it works wonderful!!! The first few times you use the steam, you may see a lot of streaking. This is not from the steamer, it is from all the cleaners and polishes that were previously used. After you get the cleaners/ polishes completely off, it cleans up beautiful. No more smudges or smears. When finger prints get on the fridge, I just take a micro fiber cloth, dampen it, and wipe them away (this is for in between touch ups) Hope this was of some help! Let me know if you try it out and how you liked it!

  • 16 years ago

    Ree can you use the Scunci to clean the ceramic stove top? Mine still hasn't come and it's been 2 weeks since I ordered it from Amazon.

    My stove is a new Maytag and pots leave a ring around the burner that is so hard to get off. I use a cream stove cleaner on it.


  • 16 years ago

    Hi zipster
    I wrote to you also on the steam mop forum :)

    for ceramic tops I think you are better off with the stove top cleaner. They also give you a razor blade scraper to remove the burnt on messes. no harm trying it and see how it works My cousin uses Bon Ami on hers and swears by it.. I use to have a ceramic top stove, but I don't any more .. As far as the hand held.. I truly love mine and use it all the time. ItÂs perfect to clean out all the nooks and crannies. .like in the crease around your stove. .blasts hard to get to particles right out its so good for all the hard to reach areas. There is a million uses for it.. I do my windows, bathrooms, counter tops, the list is never ending.

    I am sure yours will be here soon! Keep me posted, canÂt wait to hear how you like it !

  • 16 years ago

    Hi, Ree...thanks for posting your experience. I just got a steamer and haven't unboxed it yet. I was just thinking about the thing I have to clean that's the biggest pain, and s/s is right up there!

    I'll try it this weekend and report how it goes. Thanks again. :)


  • 16 years ago

    I bought the Shark Steam Blaster Jr. - Red (S3210R) Spent half the day Saturday steaming! LOL (This model is very similar to the Rainbow Steamer)

    It worked well. A few minor complaints. The squeegee attachment was useless, water everywhere when I used it on bathroom mirror. I may try using it again on the inside of my shower doors.

    Many of the complaints I read was the amount of time wasted in refilling/waiting for reheat. I found that you can work out a routine to work around the waiting. I didn't mind the wait. Overall cleaning the bathroom was a success.

    I was pleasantly surprised that it was strong enough to remove baked on grease on my stove that I've been trying to remove for months! It took a little elbow grease. A little trick I used was to drop very small drops of dish detergent directly on the stain then blast it with the steam! BINGO!

    Unfortunately I could not get baked on grease off the bottom of my pans. I need to try that again.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Shark Steam Blaster Jr. - Red (S3210R)

  • 16 years ago

    so glad you are having a "blast" (lol) with your new steamer!
    I never use the attachments...I use paper towels in the bathroom, and a micro fiber cloth for the rest of my cleaning jobs... I had to laugh when I read you spent all day steaming! When I first got mine, I stayed up wee hours into the night steaming away.. addicting!
    enjoy it!