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how to use a canister vacuum?

13 years ago

Hello! I've never used a canister vacuum before, and I'm considering getting one. I have hard floors and dog hair, and I think the wand of a canister vac would be light and easy to manipulate and reach under furniture to get dust bunnies. Also, my current upright vacuum has hard plastic wheels, and my husband is concerned that they might be scratching the finish of the floors.

So... I see that some canister vacuums seem to have a handle on top. Are you supposed to carry the canister around in one hand while you hold the wand with the other? Or does it have to drag around behind you, tripping you and banging into things and tipping over and such? If it drags behind on the floor, are there any with rubber wheels instead of plastic to minimize scratching?

Any recommendations? (Like some other readers, I've done a lot of research here on best vacuums and am now thoroughly confused and exhausted.)

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