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Cat Can't Find Water in Bowls

14 years ago

I have a new cat. He's a rescue, 2 years old. Right now I have him sequestered from my other cat, just in case there's any illness. The new cat is sweet, cute, loving. But he has trouble finding the water bowl! I don't like to use plastic cause I am worried about things I read about plastic chemicals leaching into the water. My other cat has always used 2 bowls with no problem - one bowl is the typical stainless steel bowl with the rubber bottom, found at any pet store. The other is a clear glass pyrex bowl. He drinks from both (they're in different locations). I bought a new stainless steel water bowl for the new cat, and also had a spare glass one for him. The new cat can't seem to drink from either one. He goes up to them, sniffs them, and sometimes he does drink from them, but most of the time he walks away from them, seeming perplexed. I guess it's hard to see the water inside those bowls. Do I have to buy the colored plastic ones for him? I guess he's not that smart. I just think it's odd that he can't tell there is water inside the bowls. Anyone experience this with their cats?

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