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Quality of JC Penney furniture?? XPost

14 years ago

I am thinking if purchasing some living room furniture from JC Penny and wondered if anyone had any experience with their furniture. I am thinking about purchasing a couch, loveseat and chairs? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Melissa

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  • 14 years ago

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't do it!!! 6 years ago we looked for weeks and found our sectional at Penneys. Thought it was a great deal, it' was Bauhaus (a division of Lazy Boy) which I assumed was good at the time and they threw in a free sleeper in the sofa. What bargain! NOT The darn thing took months to be delivered and even though it's just my DH & I, the cushions were breaking down after only 6 mos. I called and complained so they sent another replacement which took months again, but they also started breaking down again within months. After only 2 years the bed in the sofa broke off the frame! And I read in a rating online that Bauhaus sofas "tend to have this problem". I hate this couch! It's so cheap it doesn't even have fasteners to connect the pieces together so they don't separate from each other (but the one in the store did).

    I'll never buy any kind of furniture from penneys again, and we'll NEVER buy anything related to Lazy Boy either trust's junk.

  • 14 years ago

    I haven't bought anything other than lamps from JCP but I have an interior decorator friend who says Laz-y-boy really does make the best reclining furniture. I have read on the furniture forum different opinions about different lines of Laz-y-boy and other companies - lower end lines made abroad and/or cheaper.

    I think if you want furniture to last for a short time, you'll be ok but I think if you want to have it look good for longer than a few years, you should go up a level of quality from JCP. Now, of course, it depends on the brand being sold at JCP, maybe you should ask what their highest end brand is and what makes it better than others?

  • 14 years ago

    I'll strongly disagree about Lazyboy. Although it may be like whenicit says, it could depend on the different lines. We have a sofa, club chair and ottoman made by lazyboy - upper end. The quality is excellent - we have had it almost 11 years, it's in a den, and the sofa especially, gets alot of use. It barely looks used. In fact, I had a different chair recovered and was thinking ahead about possibly reupholstering the sofa and asked the upholstery guy about it when he delivered the chair. He took a look at the sofa, took the cushions off, sat on it, turned it on it's back and looked at the underneath, etc. He told me it was in great condition and would last for many years - that if I chose to, I should have no reservations about recovering it. Many companies make lower end lines they sell through other stores rather than under their own name. For example, I have often heard how the John Deere line that Home Depot or Lowes carries is in no way comparable with what you would buy at a John Deere store.

    To the original poster - does JCP offer different brands/lines of furniture? If so, I would guess each brand/line is different.

    Which sofa is it - can you post a link?


  • 14 years ago

    tina, with all due respect, maybe 11 years ago they had a better product, but their furniture of late sucks. Which is probably why their stores are closing left and right. I didn't mention this earlier because we were talking about Penney's but but my daughter and her DH bought a Lazy Boy reclining sofa 5 years ago directly from the Lazy Boy store, not a cheap one either 3500.00 for just a smaller sofa sectional with 2 recliners built into it. It's junk. No kids or abuse but it's cushions have not held any shape and it's falling apart. And, my DH recently bought a rocking recliner from a local furniture chain. Didn't ask about the manufacturer, found out after it was delivered it's a Lazy Boy. We're remodeling our master suite and have yet to really use it. The springs make a boinking sound every time the chair rocks. I don't care what line it is, if it's related to LAZY BOY it's JUNK!

  • 7 years ago

    I bought a sofa from JCPenney 20 years ago and the seat cushions still don't sag. Guests said that the pull-out bed was the most comfortable they ever slept on. I was thinking of buying a new one this year at JCPenney, but if the quality isn't good anymore, maybe I won't..... Has anyone bought one lately that they liked the quality of?