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granite countertop for white cabinets

13 years ago

I've choosen a painted stark white traditional raised panel cabinet door for my kitchen, but now I am having a really hard time selecting granite. Can anyone post pictures of their white kitchens and their granite? Thanks!

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  • ellendi
    13 years ago

    Have you looked at the Finished Kitchen Blog? You will find so many ideas there. I wish I would have known about this forum when selecting my granite. I can pass on what I have learned. I made the mistake of choosing giallo ornamental. My slab is very brown. Brown and white are not a good combination. If the cabinets were a cream it would have been different. I have BM Dove White cabinets that in my kitchen are very stark. Not so in the showroom! The backsplash was a nightmare. We put a white one in only to rip it out because it had a gray cast. We wound up putting in Rixi Creama subway tiles. I now have a really nice kitchen. However, for the same price and planning I could have had a WOW kitchen. There are many directions you can go in with white. But just be mindful that all whites are not the same and that even an off white can look different than your white.

  • annkathryn
    13 years ago

    Some people like a good contrast between white cabinets and their granite, while others have done wonderful things with light granites and even marble.

    My cabinets were painted BM Linen White and I have ubatuba granite.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen pictures

  • camerong
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Thank you Ellendi and annkathryn, the info is very helpful.
    annkathryn, I love your kitchen and I hope my kichen turns out as beautiful as yours. I looked at ubatuba but the sample that I was given has already changed, no gold veining and more of a moss green color, so I'm not sure what I would actually get. I have samples of azul platino, absolute black and bianco romano. Not sure which direction to go - dark or light with my white cabinets.

  • november
    13 years ago

    We have honed absolute black with our cabinets, which are very slightly off-white, but I think a creamy granite countertop would also look stunning. There are so many gorgeous countertops with white or off-white cabinets in the FKB - grab a cup of tea and treat yourself to a slide show...

  • boxerpups
    13 years ago

    I have Virginia Jet Mist granite with Powdered snow white
    cabinets. I wanted the soap stone look but the hardness of
    a granite. I love it.

    And here are other ideas for white kitchens.

    Cream cabinets and a granite
    that could be New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecicilia or

    Green Counters

    From the Kitchen Place

    Madura Gold Granite

    Black Counters

    Urban Grace Interiors

    Golden Beaches Granite

    Ubatuba granite

  • firstmmo
    13 years ago

    I used White Princess that for views of my granite.

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