How long should cabinet install take?

7 years ago

I have no idea how long it should take to have somebody reinstall these cabinets that you see in the picture below: Five hours? 10 hours? Two days? I am clueless. This picture is a "before". Our "after" necessitates reinstalling them in a slightly different order, and our walls are plaster, so I don't know if that takes longer than going into drywall. My question is about cabinets only NOT including countertop reinstallation.

Can folks toss out some general ideas on what they think?

(I am not asking because of price but just because I want to know what is a reasonable amount of time. The carpenter who is doing it is charging by the job, not by the hour, but it took him soooooo long to install the floor - 2 weeks! - that I am ready for today to be his last day if he is taking too long with the cabinet install. I might have somebody else who can probably do it faster. I just don't know what the reasonable amount of time is.

The carpenter who is here now is very nice but seems completely ADD. And, his nephew is here as his helper "apprentice" and I can hear him downstairs teaching him every single step of what he is doing, which is one of the many reasons why it is taking twice as long. This is driving me nuts. I want my kitchen back!)

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