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Need help with my kitchen-Countertops

7 years ago

Hi. I am new here and I need your help. We moved into or third and final house in August. We love it and I love decorating, but this move ate up all our money. We are in the market to buy new countertops, but we had to paint the cabinets.

The cabinets came out beautiful. See picture. I painted them off white on the uppers and charcoal gray on the lowers. I can't decide between these two color stones for the countertops.

I had the SuperWhite Quartzite in my old house and love love loved it! The issue is it is super expensive! The second granite is half the price and I like it alot, but not sure which one looks nicer. Please help me out. Which stone looks nicer with my cabinets. Thank you so much!

Top Cabinets

Bottom Cabinets

Granite 1

SuperWhite Quartzite

Thank you so much!!!! Nicole

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