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How to Establish Age of a Pinus Mugo "White Bud"?

I purchased some Iseli Nursery Mugo Pine variety "White Bud". How do I establish the age of the plants, given they are relatively slow-growing?

Is there any published guideline about how large the rootball should be for a plant that is three years old versus five or six? If you were a nursery buying wholesale from Iseli directly, how large would the container be for a 2-to-3 year plant versus a 5-to-6 year plant? Would they be in the same container? My plants have a seven-inch diameter rootball, so they were likely planted in a 2-gallon container.

I understand one way to estimate a tree's age is by counting up the whorls, with each whorl level accounting for about one year of time. Would that rule apply to White Bud? The plants I purchased have three whorls, although establishing that requires careful inspection since the trunk twists.

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