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What does my palm need?

2 years ago

We've owned this palm for a couple months and used new soil specific for palms when we repotted it. We are in Arizona and it's been between 105-115 degrees for the last month or so. The leaves are turning yellow from the center of each frond, and the amount of yellow is gradually increasing. At first we thought it was getting too much sun so we moved it to a place that starts getting shade mid day but that doesn't seem to be helping (it's been in it's new spot for a few weeks). This picture was taken at 1:30pm and you can see it's already about half shaded at that point and the shade will continue to increase as the day goes on. How often should we be watering a palm like this? My guess is it needs more water but I'm not sure how often that should be. We also fertilized it when we moved it to it's new spot. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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