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Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I have project I'm considering and need advice from those of you who have experience. Here's my idea: I recently picked up a beautiful old fountain that looks like a vintage ornate water hydrant. It's all intact as far as I can see, plumbed and ready, just needs a pump. I want this in my garden I'm planning, but I want to set this up as a circulating fountain by setting it in a concrete basin so that the water flows into the basin and the pump draws the water back up into the fountain again. I want a basin approximately 3 ft in diameter. I have a little kiddie pool that would make a great least I think it would work. Maybe you will tell me that's not a wise choice? Is a hypertufa mix a good choice for project like this? I was thinking I'd use a concrete sealer of some sort to waterproof it. Also, so that I don't have the cord draping over the edge of my basin, I plant to put a pipe in the center as a conduit, higher than the water level will be. Here's a picture of the fountain (about 4 ft. tall) and a second one of the base where the pump and my conduit can fit inside. What are your thoughts and opinions? I'm fairly handy at diy projects, but pretty new at a project of this sort, so feel free with any advice, from the most elementary on up.

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