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My Container Roses in GA Spring 2024

last month
last modified: last month

This is my first YT video ever. Wouldn't you know it, YT let me upload one. :)

So I am sharing the roses I have on my back deck in containers, especially for those interested in seeing full bushes. This was my best season yet since being rose-bitten Spring 2018.

Beverly wasn't yet in bloom here, only lots of buds (she did great later), and South Africa was not yet showing what it was capable of, so I am adding two pictures of them below with later performance.

From start to finish:

South Africa, Easy Does It, Belinda's Dream, Plum Perfect, Olivia Rose Austin, Beverly with buds and Climbing Pinkie.

Link to video (apologies for the unprofessional handling of the phone camera, the unedited sound, etc).

Additional photos

Comments (14)

  • last month

    They look great, Artist.

  • last month

    Just stunning

    What is the apricot coloured rose? It is so pretty.

    How much sun do they get? Looks so peaceful!

  • last month

    Great video! Everything looks so healthy!

    Artist-FKA-Novice Zone 7B GA thanked Kristine LeGault 8a pnw
  • last month

    Very nice. Keep them healthy.

    Artist-FKA-Novice Zone 7B GA thanked Ken Wilkinson
  • last month

    Very pretty, Artist! You do much better with roses in pots than I do. I am really liking your EDI.

    Artist-FKA-Novice Zone 7B GA thanked judijunebugarizonazn8
  • last month


    The apricot colored rose is Easy Does It. He looks a lot more vibrant in the landscape in reality than it does here in the light I did this video. It really is a great rose. The blooms get so heavy that it kind of requires staking, but otherwise, I love it.

    Sun?...They get quite a bit probably. Morning sun and part of the afternoon, until about 2 or so, and then again later afternoon some.


    Somehow I do better with pots as I seem to control their conditions better. I have everything set up so that it is easy for me to water them daily and fast, no tree root competition, or heavy clay soil, etc.

    The potted roses give me most blooms.

  • last month

    Beautiful roses 🤩

    Artist-FKA-Novice Zone 7B GA thanked Eustace_Oxf_UK_9a
  • last month

    Nice video.

    Robust roses, bespeaking container wizardry.

    Can you provide timestamp for Beverly with buds? I missed that.

  • last month

    Beautiful! But I need someone to tell me the names of the roses as they are being shown. :-)

  • last month

    Is that Olivia next to PP?

  • last month

    @rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ),

    Would you mind clarifying about Beverly? Wdym by timestamp? :)


    Unfortunately, I am a complete novice with YT videos but here they are again in order of showing (as specified in the OP):

    South Africa --> Easy Does It --> Belinda's Dream --> Plum Perfect --> Olivia Rose Austin --> Beverly with buds --> Climbing Pinkie.


    Yes, Olivia is at the right of PP.

  • last month


    I looked again, and saw Beverly this time. Fleetingly - at 1:07, and again at 1:15. Big fat buds, like peony buds. And thank you, I learned something new just now: wdym. I don’t get out much.

    Olivia looks wonderful. How does she do later in the season? Do you spray anti-fungals? I don’t remember.

  • last month


    During the roughtly 3-4 yeard I've had her, my potted Olivia has done exceptionally well in its first flush in Spring but then only blooms sporadically thereafter. Maybe a bit better in Fall but never quite like the first time in season.

    Perhaps I should expect all Austins to be glorious in spring but not during our southern summers since they were not bread for such a climate.

    But I don't know, maybe other southerners have Austins they can make sing in the summer.

    Briefly, she is glorious in Spring but later, not really.

    And yes, I spray a bit of anti-fungal early in the season and then maybe once more for prevention, but I'm definitely not doing that every ten days, as recommended.

    Not in a thousand years would I spend time outside in this heat, bitten by mosquitos, to spray roses in the summer.

    After May, I wish them the best from indoors, I just go outside and water them to the best of my abilities. It's easy to do that with those in pots. I have 4 bushes in the ground too (in the front) and some Drifts, and those get less watering because it is less handy for me.