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Best stain for wood fence?

last month

Hi - Any recommendations for a stain for a wood fence? Not sure what wood we have but see attached photograph. I've gone down a rabbit hole of Googling types (oil vs water) and brands (Cabot vs Benjamin Moore's Woodluxe vs Sherwin Williams vs Sikkens), and still have no idea what to use. We live in California where oil seems to be harder to get. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!

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  • last month

    Brands can be a matter of preference. Some are better than others, but even among the top brands there will be folks with their fave.

    Are you looking to actually stain it? Do you have a color in mind? There are sealants that remain transparent. Stains can come in transparent, semi, or solid.

    What kind of climate do you have? Some places are wetter or have more precipitation, and might prefer a kind or few there. Some places are less humid or dryer, and prefer other kinds. I know you said California, but that state has a few climates in it.

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  • last month

    Thank you, Beesneeds. I was thinking semi-transparent instead of solid since I like the grain of the wood and they fence is only about 5 years old. I hear that solid also peels easily. We live in LA and it's hot and sunny. We've had quite a bit of rain this year but the summers are very hot.

  • last month

    I prefer the oil stain semi transparent. Before you use any stain, power wash the fence to get it good and clean. I always use Olympic brand, and have had good luck with it.

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    last month

    What is your goal with the stain? Ie do you want a color change or do you want to seal it? That appears to be cedar which is naturally rot resistant so you aren’t obligated to do anything, to my eye it looks great now. Please don’t use the fake orange ‘cedar’ colored stain that you see so often. Garish. If you are looking to change the color I’ve had great luck with Sherwin Williams woodscapes, a water based stain. My fence is solid color stained black and it’s been four years no issues.

  • last month

    Hi - I'm not looking to change the color. More so making sure it doesn't rot and lasts as long as possible.