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Backsplash ideas to blend brown cabinets with white quartz countertops

19 days ago

Recently bought 100 yr old Mediterranean stye house that was gutted & replaced with very open floor plan & circa 2005 finishes that are very BROWN. (Photo is from listing...granite was much more gold/brown than appears) Budget required choosing btw painting cabinets or replacing countertops so replaced granite with white quartz w/very little veining (brown, grey) & brushed stainless cabinet hardware. Need ideas for backsplash tile to blend cabinets w/countertops to brighten and soften the space. Help!

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    19 days ago

    Any of the Daphne White (M103) mosaics, or Namaste (M072) mosaics, would work, if the white is not busy veins going all over the place.

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  • 19 days ago

    I'd choose a textured look from a color in the countertop. a pix would help.

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  • 19 days ago

    Slab up the wall, too

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  • 19 days ago

    I mostly agree with Patricia. There’s very little backsplash so choose a color from the quartz. That kitchen was really nicely color coordinated before, but I understand when you don’t like certain colors. I would hope you don’t ever paint those cabinets - they look too nice to paint. I’d change the knobs and pulls, but you probably want that, too. Very nice kitchen! Good luck!

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  • 19 days ago

    Congrats on new house! Can you get away with stainless steel piece as wide as the range, remove the current backsplash, patch and paint where it was.

  • 19 days ago

    What an interesting idea - you want to blend brown and white. Brown + white = light brown which you just removed.

    I think you need inspiration images. Google white counters brown cabinets and see which images draw your eye. I can guarantee they won’t have light brown backsplashes! You might have to steer into the skid, double down on the white, and choose a white backsplash tile that goes well with the counter but has an interesting shape. This is Fireclay Tile in White Wash in a star and cross mosaic. They used it with brown cabinets and white counters as well.

    Or go for a brown and white tile. This is less likely to be successful as you chose a counter with veining, and don’t seem to like brown. But it is the other option.

    Don’t despair. You’ll figure it out. Until you do, play around with sample tiles. Photocopy them and tape them to the wall if necessary. You’ll come up with something you like. Good luck!

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    19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    Get more quartz and use it on the splash as the riser that may as well have been done, along with tile removal when you replaced the tops. The range is not deserving a highlight beyond that, nor is the microwave above it, unless you've done something else since.

    Get the riser done, and repair and paint the wall.

    It is what it is : ) until a kitchen that suits your style

  • 19 days ago

    Your picture shows a VERY bright space. I can only imagine the white counter tops has it GLARINGLY bright. In the end you don't care for the wood cabinets. Stop trying to fix them by changing everything around them. Bite the bullet and get new.

  • 19 days ago
    last modified: 17 days ago

    I don't feel like wood cabinetry needs to be "blended" with anything. White slab or tile would be fine.

  • 18 days ago

  • 18 days ago
    last modified: 18 days ago

    The contrast between the wood and the white seems stark but they don't clash. I would do a plain white backsplash. You can trick the eye into "blending" the white counters and dark wood by adding a couple of brown natural elements to your counter. A wooden bowl, a brown woven napkin basket, etc. Don't clutter up the counters with a bunch of small things, just add a couple of items.

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  • 18 days ago

    OK, well now I want this one.but it costs the earth. Then again, you have very little room for backsplash, so it could be done. How do you feel about your outlets? Because now is the time to install plugmold if you want it.

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    18 days ago

    Please listen?

    You have a modern sensibility in a home that isn't. You have stark white walls, a traditional door set to closets needing paint in the background, as those read quite yellow.

    Get a simple , simple.... white tile. You don't need to even acknowledge the barely visible veining. the cabinets are what they are for now. Or see if there is any remaining quartz and install as splash if the range is remaining, or even as a riser with paint above.

    Slow down, don't peck at the house in piecemeal fashion: )

  • 18 days ago

    The old granite was much darker than it appears in photo…very gold & brown. I’d love a true dark brown but these cabinets are a very orange-y brown. Tried this mosaic but notvthe right brown. Tried 3x8 white zelige tiles but theyre too white! Same with a beveled subway’ish white i tried. LOVE eam44’s ideas, esp last one (cha ching) since its Mediterranean architectural style house! Thx to all, even the insults 😆 You have to have thick skin to post here

  • 18 days ago

    Great idea on the plugmold!

  • 18 days ago

    I love your updates. And I love you attitude. Ignore the negative people and be grateful you don't have to live with them. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the mean comments turn nice.

    Continue to keep it simple. A white tile like one of these images could help. And brighter bulbs in the hallway that looks yellow. It may just need a brighter light bulb. Are you putting in a light fixture about your peninsula? I know this color brown may not be exactly like yours but the simple white looks lovely with the simple white backsplash.

    Elmwood Craftsman · More Info

    Bellevue Mid-Century Modern Kitchen · More Info

    Bridlemile Mid-Century Remodel · More Info

    Geometrix Reno · More Info

    Modern Craftsman Farmhouse · More Info

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  • 18 days ago

    I think the picture of new white counters seems stark because we can't see the faint veining and there is no styling yet in the space. I'd keep the backsplash simple, if you must have one. Put color in other spaces such as a rug on the floor and a few decorative items. Paint the walls above the counters for now. Maybe the same white as the counters and see what you see.

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  • 18 days ago

    I’m sorry your cabinets are orange 🍊. I’m going back to thinking white is the answer. It’s just a question of which white. You are not alone in the orange department. These two kitchens manage to pull off an uplifted orange, and they did it with white. You can too. Keep ordering samples!

  • 18 days ago

    Yes, I think simple white subway tile with grey or beige grout. Bring color in through items you put on counter, rug, towels.

  • 18 days ago

    Get some samples of Montauk Gin, white. I think 2x8. Of course you can alternatively use plain white subway. But your cabinets are fairly modern and wood is back; and with the quartz that you now have, the Montauk Gin will lend a bit of understated glitz. And I think you can use some glitz in the mix - since you nixed the granite. The granite was gorgeous - and, it was granite.

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  • 18 days ago

    Boxerpal must be your name for a reason 😍 Thx for being a pal in this occasional lion’s den.

    i’m def looking at various white tiles Freedomplace1 very deftly photoshopped a tile that looks identical to the white zelige i tried. Maybe ill bring more pieces to try (I used it in my shower & love it) As I said in the original post, I just bought this house so LOTS to be done, inside & out Yes that closet door needs painting, but so does the rest of the house! And I will be changing light fixtures along with a million other things. Thx again for ideas & good night!

  • 17 days ago
    last modified: 17 days ago

    Chispa used this mosaic tile in her kitchen. It’s mostly white (honed white marble) with very little brown polished marble pieces around it. It is mostly white - but has a little “extra“ to make it interesting + brings in the wood. She used it with Taj Mahal countertops + Chantilly Lace cabinets:

    I can’t tag people while using my iPad - and I don’t have a photo of how it looks installed.

    Maybe someone else will tag chispa for me - and maybe she will be able to provide her opinion re: whether she thinks the tile would work in your kitchen + be able to provide a photo of it installed. She has a great eye for design (along with many others who have provided suggestions/advice in above comments.

    If you really dislike the color of your stained wood cabinets, it would be wise to listen to Jan’s advice about not trying to ”fix“ it by doing it piecemeal. Making a well thought out plan for the kitchen would be a good idea before spending more $$ - and not being happy.

    FYI -I’ve also read some info regarding the use of toners on cabinets that have turned orange (professional woodworking/cabinet finishing sites). Apparently, if the finish is scuffed up a bit, a toner with a slight bluish tint can be used (toner made with vinyl sealer - if I remember correctly). The blue toner helps neutralize the orange - then a brown tint may be used if still needed to achieve a shade that you like. A professional cabinet refinisher should know how to do this - I’m simply repeating what I read when I was helping my sister find a way to fix her kitchen cabinets without doing a full renovation (she was planning on an extensive one several years later).

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  • 17 days ago

    I suggest that you use a color for your backsplash. What colors are you using in your other rooms? Any green or blue could look great. I have a brown couch and teal accents look great.

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    17 days ago
    last modified: 17 days ago

    here's my input.

    I would never do a plain white tile splash. yawnsville.

    If it must be white, then do this type of white.

    chevron marble in 3 diff finishes.

    Tilebar Nabi (Home Depot Delphi. same thing diff names) Jewel blanco:

    marble basketweave mosaic

    Cloe Tile or this Portmore Tile, laid out in a diff type of pattern other than plain subway

    You barely have a backsplash and it's surrounded by white and plain walls. you can afford to do a little bit of drama or color.

    personally, I like black w/wood, so I'd choose something like this :

    it's a black basalt tile w/little gold dots.

    And here it is in the white version

    If that's too 'bold' for you, try a slate or basalt tile w/white grout

    I'd change to a black faucet and gold hardware. pendants, here are a few choices. ditto stools.

    I'd consider painting those doors in the back something like this:

    the walls,

    Some other tones to go w/the black tile idea:

    or, if you want a diff, actual color, try something w/red/pink undertones like Abalone Shell, or any soft blush/mauve tones.

    the pinkish undertones play beautifully w/both of the wood tones in here.

    These are nice too,

    Imagine any of those colors paired w/something like this (it's a white zellige w/gold/brass accessories, a blush color over-dyed rug)

    The tile used here ^, is Zagora from bedrosians. comes in many colors, shapes and sizes.

    another rug w/coordinating tones (Try Wayfair-Loloi rugs)

    When you get the tile in (something like shown here which is the Zagora), you must accessorize or it will look dull

    Here they have the gold/glass pendants, natural textured chairs, wood, green/plant and other accessories. Personally I'd lose the nickel and do brass or champagne gold. or maybe a rose gold if using these tones.

    Don't want the Zellige? use these Oceanside Tile- Casa Calif 2x8 field-glass #43 Satin.

    In fact, you could also do a sage tile if you want to work w/these tones

    dont forget a runner or rug. hard to see in this pic, but the sage and maroon tones work nicely

    in that pic is this tile. Newport 2x10" (Tilebar and Wayfair/home depot carry this)

    Something like this soft sage/green crazed ceramic tile is pretty.

    Or, check out Fireclay tile. lots of green colors. This one is Salton Sea:

    if you like the blue, try the same tile, but in the blue crazed ceramic

    or, something like this, done in the herringbone.

    Tilebar has this soft blue/white and green large woven mosaic tile. it's really pretty in person

    As you can see, you have plenty of options. Your backsplash is a small part of that kitchen. You need everything else to tie in if you want an impact.

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  • 16 days ago

    @Beth H Wow! thanks for so many great ideas!!! I have the Cloe tile from Bedrosians in white (used it in the other house) & was thinking of using it, but it's too white against the quartz. I was kind of surprised how offwhite the quartz looked with it. I found this mosaic that looks good, though you've started me thinking about color. I have a lot of light blues/aquas in accent pieces & drapes & in some pendant lights I've found so that could work!

  • 16 days ago

  • 16 days ago

    You will definitely encounter recommendations of tile and paint in the blue or green range. Sample those carefully as they will generally emphasize the orange. That may not be what you want. Best of luck with your sampling!

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  • 16 days ago

    I was hoping that Beth would post some ideas for you - color would be nice - especially since you have such a small backsplash area!

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