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Reframing roof and removing second story

28 days ago

Hi, sorry for any bad phrasing, english is not my first language.

I live in Quebec, Canada. 5 years ago we bought our old house (1930). She need a lot of love! We are renovating it on spare time. Our next big project is to reframe the roof line. It is currently a hip roof, in the winter, the snow fall from the original house roof on the extension and cause problem with all the weight. We were thinking of a gable roof for the orinigal house but keeping the roof as it is for the extension.

We also need to do something with the back porch.

We are not using the second story at all and it is a big waste of energy in the winter so we wanted to remove the second story all together while redoing the roof. If we keep the second story, the windows need to be replace, the stair is in the way for other project inside and all the walls and flooring should be worked on.

We do a majority of all the work ourselves and my family work in construction. But we get a lot of mix feelings regarding our project. This is our forever home, we bought it because of the land, not the house so the question of the house value is not in our mind. I would like to have some outside opinion on our project!

Tell me if you need more infos!

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