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Displaying objects in small home

March 10, 2014
last modified: January 3, 2017

Small house...and I am a collector! By small...1400 square feet, cottage style pitched roof, in which I am putting arts and crafts style windows. My sons tell me I have too much stuff. To be clear, this stuff is not dollar store; it is antiques, family heirlooms, Japanese ceramics my dad bought in 1948, lovely gifts from friends, etc. I have been downsizing and still have a lot of nice things, which I currently seasonally rotate through my house. I am also an artist, as well as other members of my family, and friend, so I have boatloads of original art...I am not a minimalist, but how can I make my house look less full of things, and still enjoy what I have? Houzz peeps...I will post some pics and maybe get some advice... :) btw the furniture arrangement pics are not current; will post more pics; this just gives a sense of the space and problem...

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  • ladma
    I have an old pair of llbean boiled wool clogs that I wear as inside shoes. They keep me warm, and slip on and off easily.
  • Depo
    We take our shoes off too. Having lived in Hawaii and Japan it is just habit where ever I go. I do have a two pair rule though. No more than two pair per person by the door. We have a bench with drawers for flip flops, so those get stuffed away when more than one pair appears. My hubs has flip flops at all the exterior doors. Argh!
  • licksch
    The talk went very well!Respectable attendance...about 15 to 20 people so the room was pleasantly full....a lovely mulled fruit juice that is sold by IKEA was served by the library with some cookies. The event lasted a bit more than an hour, which included time for people to flip through some portfolios and artwork that I brought in and laid out on tables, as well as the exhibit. I didn’t have to use an outline. Several longtime friends showed up, two of them drove out from Halifax. I had this great quote to open it...thanks to Albert Einstein.

    Here are the tulips on my kitchen table. Now fingers crossed that I don’t lose the electricity with this storm coming in.
  • zazfuzzroc

    Happy that your class went well, you sound very happy with it. :)

    The tulips are beautiful, I love the color combo, and the sunshine gleaming through the petals. :)

    The quote... makes me want to create something, and if I wasn't cooking and cleaning.... I would. :)

  • marjie1059

    Sounds like a great day, licksch! The flowers are beautiful.

  • glschisler
    Beautiful tulips Licksch! I am happy your class and talk went well this weekend. Stay warm! It is sunny here but very windy. As for shoes, we always wear them here in the beach condo. The tile floors kill my joints. But the tile is easy to keep clean. In Missouri we have carpet & I can go barefoot there, but OH always has his Rockports on. Today’s sermon at mass was use your talents, everyone has talent. :)
  • marjie1059

    Wind...oh, the wind!! Down to close to 0 tonight....time to man the hair dryer--to try to keep the kitchen water pipes from freezing tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night. (I told my son yesterday that if I ever voluntarily move from here, those dumb pipes will be a factor!!)

    Bless the man in Mom's neighborhood who came along with his snowblower just as I finished 2 hours of shoveling her walks and driveway, and cleaning off my car (I stayed with her last night), and widened what I had done....I don't mean that facetiously when I say "bless the man"....he has more than once run his snowblower down the whole street---about 3 blocks; sometimes he'll turn the corner and go down another 2 blocks; he did a neighbor's driveway this morning; yesterday he did my mom's kitchen sidewalk (from the main sidewalk to her kitchen steps).....You couldn't even tell this morning that he had been there yesterday, but what a blessing to get to her house last night and be able to get in with no trouble!

    Does he love this weather? Does he love doing things for other people? Does he love using a new snowblower? Does he love being outside and using his good health to bless those who may not be so physically capable? I don't know--I don't even know his name--but he is a huge blessing to my mom and myself.

    And then I think--what can I do, little ol' me--to be that kind of blessing to other people? Hmmm.....

  • marjie1059

    Thinking of you, licksch--I hope you keep your electricity....so glad you have your stove to help out if needed.

  • licksch
    My young man down the road came and shovelled the driveway before the rain really set in. The worst of it is supposed to be late tonight so I have all my pumps set up both of them ready to go and I took the opportunity to clean and sweep some of the basement floor and the entryway and down the steps just because I know if I’m fussing around down there it will be way easier if it’s tidy and there’s nothing in my way.

    Got the kitchen cleaned up in case I lose my electrical because again it’s way easier to cope if there’s nothing extra sitting around to deal with.

    So I think it’s just about time for supper.

    People who are generous are such a blessing aren’t they? How wonderful that you have a neighbour like that. I have a former student, now in his 40s who comes and does things for me from time to time. He just calls up and asks if there’s anything that I need to have done. I bake a dozen blueberry muffins now when I know he’s coming and I hand them over.

    It doesn’t take any time to do and I know he appreciates it. The other thing I do sometimes is try to be extra nice to people that work on cash in stores. It doesn’t take but a couple of minutes to make some pleasant chat with them; what time are they getting off? Or anything else that you can think of that’s personal. I know they get so much flak from grumpy customers that cheering them up is a bit of a personal project.

    Just on the topic of handing out blessings…

    Good luck with your pipes! I’m going to be keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t lose my electrical before the temperature drops.
  • ladma
    My husband is outside with the snowblower as I type, clearing the spots the plow guy doesn’t quite get on our shared driveway, He does it because he’s nice, but also because he loves a power tool!
  • indomom

    Sounds like you're well prepared, Licksch! And I have the same philosophy about cashiers--it takes no time to be a little extra kind.

  • marjie1059

    And I have to wonder sometimes--why do cashiers sometimes have to be so rude? Or, why do some customers have to be so rude? I don't get it.

    Oven on--check

    Little space heater running--check

    Hair dryer duty? not yet--I'm really procrastinating...as usual. It's not really that big of a deal--it's the idea of it as much as anything.

    Now off to Mom's again with clean laundry *ahem* of which there's lots these days.

    Oh--and if any of you whose cars sit out like mine are wondering whether or not to buy one of those windshield covers--DO IT! My daughter gave me one for Christmas last year and it is absolutely wonderful.

  • jayapple21

    My hometown is Erie, PA. I have a bunch of locations listed in my phone's weather app. Temperature in Erie is 8 degrees right now and it just turned dark so it will definitely go lower tonight. 44, windy and damp here in north Florida. Bet it's nice in Hawaii.

  • licksch
    Yes that’s chilly for Florida. The temperatures are actually getting up in that range here in Nova Scotia over the next day or so. Warm for Nova Scotia so it’s all relative.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that just because I’m super prepared it’s not going to be too bad.

    Today’s project was taking an old rusted milk separator that I bought at another vintage shop out here, not my usual one but a different one that is closing. I was desperate for something to keep birdseed in as rodents have chewed through the place where I used to keep it.

    .... I wasn’t too fond of the total rust job look, so my friend in my usual vintage store gave me a few Pinterest links. This is what I came up with for now. Wrapping an old bamboo placemat around it, tying it and hanging a wooden heart. It kicks it up a notch. Makes it look A little bit less like a rustic garbage can… I may paint it or I may simply not bother.

    I am toying with doing something more with the cover, that ties it in more with the rest of it. Not sure.
  • glschisler
    I keep going out on the deck to watch the eclipse. Temp is 37* here on the gulf coast.
  • samoken
    I’ve been watching too but now it’s over my house and far too cold to go out to see (plus I’m in my pajamas).
  • licksch
    Lucky you! Wish I could see the eclipse....but nothing but gusts, rain, wind. Headed to bed. A bit of water in basement but nothing dangerous to the furnace.

    Wind just started picking up about an hour ago, so I got my video chat in with Mr. B with no problems.

    And the storm meant I forced myself to get some stuff done, just in case.

    Yawn...good night, peeps.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Merry grandson’s and I thank you! We have an amazing view of the Blood Moon. Perfectly clear night here. Stars are super bright. We hit this at peak. Don’t know if you can see this but we tried.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Thanks Houzzers! The boys loved it and the next Blood Moon isn’t until 2039 according to our Google search.
  • licksch
    I'll have to see if there's any photographs online. Thanks for giving it a shot. I can see the moon it's a tiny little dot in your photograph… LOL. ...super difficult to capture it with the camera.

    Meanwhile things have calmed down here. We still have the electricity which is great news. Hopefully things dry out today with a bit of sun before the temperature drops.

    I haven't checked the basement yet but it's probably OK. There were several downpours but I think the amount of rain was a bit under the maximum amounts that they had predicted.

    Nice that people got to see the eclipse! Here the weather is so variable that any events like meteor showers or eclipses are often obscured by fog or clouds.

    I rarely pay any attention to sports but evidently the game last night was a real nailbiter. I only paid attention this time because my dad used to be a fan of the patriots. And they won… My dad would have been pleased. I didn't watch, I don't really have any way to do that as I don't have a television.
  • glschisler
    Yes, it was a great clear night here too for star gazing. Both games were nail biters and went to OT. It is cold here this morning at 30°. Brrrrrrrr! But sunny
  • stryker

    Both games yesterday were close. Both went into overtime. Football is more exciting now than it used to be. The athleticism of the players is amazing. Back 40-50 years ago it seemed like all they did was crash into each other and fall down, and maybe there would be one great pass the whole game.

    Rats. I missed the eclipse. The full moon is straight overhead at my house, at the time the eclipse was happening. It's so cold outside right now. I don't know if I would have gone outside to look at it, even if I'd known.

    I'm glad your electricity held! And that the library talk went well.

    Late opinion: NO on the pillow. For everyday, at least.

  • licksch
    Shadow also weathered the storm. Hadn't seen him for a couple days. I went and called just now and he miouwed at me from under the Juniper. So I put his food out. Due to animal issues no food goes out unless I see him. It was very cute, hearing those little answers from the shrubbery...here I am...here I am...feed me...
  • marjie1059

    What a lovely repast for Shadow!

    Eclipse: I didn't see it at all, even though I wasn't in bed yet. :( I saw some great photos from a Connecticut master gardener with a camera to covet.

    Thirty degrees is cold, schisler?! It all depends on one's perspective, doesn't it? It's 10 degrees here at 3:30 p.m., forecast calls for -3 tonight. So glad for a home with a working furnace!

  • licksch
    -3 C here...about 26F.... but the damp in the wind certainly makes it feel colder. Temperatures dropping to-9 C over the next few days. Ugh.

    I am good with anything zero and above.
  • ladma
    0°F (-17C) last night, too cloudy to see the moon. It peaked at 3°F (-16c) today. We never got the change over to rain.
  • marjie1059

    Brr. 3 F for the high? In what state are you? I'm in NE OH...high today was 15 F; high tomorrow 32, high Wednesday 44 F. Go figure. (Then back to cold temps again with single digits--but nothing like a college friend in MN with -30 F.)

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Awww. Poor baby. So glad he has YOU!! Terrible he is out in those deep freeze temps. His feet must be frost bitten! Can you build or put out a cardboard box to help shelter him in these temps? I am sure you ate doing everything possible you love animals so much.
  • ladma
    Marjie, I’m in Central Mass, 40 miles west of Boston. The rest of the week is suppose to warm up.
  • licksch
    That is why I put that rug out there... so Shadow at least has something warm under him while he eats. Yes...they can get frostbitten paws and that happened to a feral cat that I looked after for a couple of years before he got killed on the road. I had him coming to me and getting pats, and purring! I was so upset when he was struck by a car one winter after I had made friends with him for about two years.At least it was quick and he didn’t suffer. I called him pumpkin, pumpy for short. He was the same colouring as Cuffers but smaller. Here he is...RIP Pumpy.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    You are an Angel on earth! God Bless!
  • licksch
    He has a shelter in my garage, actually. It’s an old cooler I tipped on its side and put Styrofoam lining in it and a little rug and made a door out of an old blanket. I don’t know if he actually sleeps in there. He can also get up into the loft of the garage by climbing on my car which he definitely does because I’ve seen his little paw prints. So he has shelter. He also goes someplace else but I don’t know where that is.
  • jayapple21

    The first car I ever bought brand new (always had used cars prior) was a sleek black sedan. Boy, did it look great when it just came from the car wash but that showroom look doesn't last long. I had forgotten about the sandy/muddy cat paw prints that I'd find on it in the mornings when I'd leave for work. Nothing says "sophistication" like paw prints on a black car. Lol. My current car is silver - it doesn't show those kind of things. :)

  • marjie1059

    Sweet Pumpy pictures.

    I made a recent discovery that may be of interest. On my mom's roofed patio is a picnic table pushed back against the garage wall. On top is a futon-style chair that is one of a pair I had bought through a fb group. Alas, the seller was a smoker and I put the chairs on the table to air out--for months, literally. Three times in the last week, when putting garbage or recycling out in the bins (which are next to the picnic table), I have accidentally startled a black cat using the futon chair as a resting place. Now I've started looking for kitty, and am disappointed when I come and he/she is not there. Hmm.....perhaps some food is in order. (When I stayed at Mom's the other night, I noted that kitty did not stay there...maybe he has a home somewhere close, and wanders throughout the day.)

    Any cat in your neighborhood, licksch, is blessed indeed.

  • licksch
    It sounds like you have a guest but don’t make the same mistake I did. I left food out and it attracted animals. Now I only feed shadow when I see him and I take the food dishes up right away. So you could put a bit of food out when you see the cat but then take the dishes in within a short time, after the food is eaten.

    My neighbour has a feral cat that she has been taming for several years now. She can now pat her but she still doesn’t want to live in the house. She has a little shelter that has been built for her at night. I’m thinking of trying to set up something outside but I’m not sure what. I have the spot in the garage, maybe that’s enough. I know pumpkin liked to sit outside.
  • zazfuzzroc

    Aww Licksch, pumpy was such a cutie, very sad what happened... You are kind to care for them. I found several kittens one year, under my steps... with their mom. They were adorable... I was thinking of keeping one, but unfortunately, when we went out the next day.... they were gone.... not a trace. :(

    I always had kitties when I was little, and then bunnies... we had geese too, chickens... and then lots of dogs... yes, all at the same time. (minus the kitties)

    Hope both you and shadow are keeping snug and warm. :)

    A brisk 13° here... with a gentle, but freezing wind.

    A little warmth for you... :)

  • marjie1059

    Good idea on the food...No, I wouldn't want to just put it out there and leave it--there are raccoons and skunks around, to say nothing of whatever dogs may be wandering around.

    Are you still in the throes of the cold and snow, licksch? We are warming up today--it was 7 F when I got up today.

  • glschisler

    Here is the moon Picture my neighbor took Sunday night with his super Duper camera from the beach. It is cloudy and windy here today, wind is at 28 miles an hour. The gulf is rocking and rolling!

  • glschisler
    It looks like it’s raining over in Pensacola.
  • licksch
    Zaz, The kittens likely had a mother who moved them along.

    Who knows where they ended up. Hopefully in homes somewhere.

    Yes it’s -9 C here today. That’s 15.8 F and with the wind it feels colder than that. It is supposed to warm up later in the week I believe. No snow cover at all means my perennials are probably really taking a hit unfortunately.

    I’m working on a cute little handmade story book for my grandson. I’ll take a few photographs when I get it finished. I’m taking photographs of his toy Caterpillar and doing some collages to create the story.

    We will see how this goes. It’s basically going to be in a mini photo album from the dollar store so that it can be added to later.
  • licksch
    Lovely to live right on the coast where you can see the waves breaking and I am assuming the temperatures are bearable as well. Currently I am avoiding the Atlantic ocean…
  • glschisler

    That is a wonderful idea Licksch.

  • zazfuzzroc

    Oh, forgot to say, I like your improvements to the now ...bird seed container, and the storybook will be sweet I'm sure. Have fun! :)

  • licksch
    I upped the vintage milk container a notch. I found this green burlap ribbon when I was sorting out some stuff in my studio so I added that. I’ll probably stamp a black crow design on the heart.

    Then that will be it. Here’s the “before and after.”

    I wasn’t crazy about this container initially, but it sure does exactly what I wanted it to. Gotta love that!
  • licksch
    I’ll take a few photos of the story book if it looks half decent, when I get it finished.
  • marjie1059

    "Currently I am avoiding the Atlantic Ocean." That made me chuckle, licksch. Yes, indeed, no swimming today! I just shudder when reading about North Atlantic fishermen, or the salmon fishermen out West off of Alaska or Canada...terrible conditions. I am so spoiled.

    Last night it was -4 F. Little wind, fortunately, so the wind chill would have been negligible.Sun. and Mon. nights before bed I ran the hair dryer down where the pipe disappears into the wall. Little heater ran in the kitchen most of the day, oven on most of the day, left kitchen faucet dripping (can't get it to drip slowly--either a very fast drip or not at all).... And voila! No frozen pipe this time. Yay.

    And now it's 28 F at 7:30 p.m. High tomorrow is 47 F--very unseasonable temp, and then it dips back down to 29 F and then 16 F for the highs, with more cold night-time temps. But it is nice for tonight to not have to do the routine of the last two nights.

  • marjie1059

    Grandson will be so blessed to have his own very unique Grandma book featuring his caterpillar.

  • fissfiss
    Marjie, have you looked at adding heat tape to your arsenal? You can wrap things in it and then plug it in. We have it on the edge of our roof in CO to keep the gutters clear...and many people run it in their gutters to keep things a flowing.
  • ladma
    Good idea Fiss, my sister has it on her washing machine hookup, as her laundry is in an unheated space.
  • licksch
    Heat tape is great as long as your electrical is working. And you have access to electricity at the site.
    That might be something to look at under those circumstances.

    I've looked at so many possible solutions for when the electricity goes out here, for my pipes under the steps in the entryway, and I've come to the conclusion that my best option would be to rip up the steps and make that area permanently accessible by removing a step when the power goes.

    Then I would need some kind of heat source. I've investigated this and my final decision is that the pipes haven't frozen here in 30 years so will just hope The perfect storm doesn't occur.

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