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How do we keep birds away from our porch?!!!

Erica Garza
8 years ago
We recently painted our cement walkway and sealed it. It's been holding up fine to many rain storms, but the birds are here. And they're pooping. And its a DAILY battle of having to power spray the walkway to the front door everytime I come home from work :( What sucks even more is that what I thought was a well-sealed painting project is already being affected by the bird droppings. In one spot the paint came off ..grrrr. So, we LOVE hearing the birds. In fact we go outside to bird watch and often take pics of them.. We have beautiful bluebirds and canaries and even some red birds ..just so pretty, but not their poop ;) What can we do?

We aren't interested in killing them so don't recommend that haha. Just need some real good advise on what we can do to deter them from crapping all over my front entry! Here's a pic of our kiddo doing this daily chore -- he actually enjoys this part because he always gets to spray mom and dad and water the flower too.

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