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Bill Lundy
Most of these are incredibly intuitive - I’d have to agree with the access concerns for maintenance, etc...

Please do not put your air conditioner over your bed! The strategic placement is not worth the hazard it creates.

Recessing the air con in my opinion seems like a great idea. Glad to see this article, it’s about time we figured out how to hide those hideous units!
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Does anyone who has painted their mini split to match their walls have any pictures of it painted? We had one installed in our home in June. We live in a 1960's ranch home but I have a very traditional decor style. It was determined much to my dismay that the best place to put it was in our dining room and the only wall it could go on was the main focal wall of the room. It is the wall seen when sitting in the living room. My walls are a medium brown (called oatmeal) color with white wainscoting and white trim (windows/crown molding). I reluctantly agreed to have this installed in the hopes that it would "blend in" and not be noticeable. That has not been the case. I am not as stressed about it as I was when I first saw it, but I still think it is an eyesore to what was once my favorite room. I am considering painting the unit but I would like to see what a painted unit looks like before I go that way. I would also love to see some ideas for concealing the unit in houses where there are not high ceilings. I think if my ceiling were higher, this would go unnoticed but I only have a 7-8" above my doorways and windows so even though this unit is almost to the ceiling, it is still very much in view.

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A tad misleading since most of these installations would be voiding your warranty.


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