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Becky Harris

@blackwhitestripe, totally agree! I wash my smoothie produce when I get home from the store and put the mixed berries in one smoothie glass container so they are easy to prep when I'm bleary eyed, and sometimes I put the ingredients that will stay fresh together in the cup the night before. And the Ninja has to stay out on the counter in my face to force me to make them!

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I'm devouring these comments! My aim is to eat 85/15 with 85% good, healthy and 15% not so great. Breaking the sugar habit is so hard even though I know how bad it is in so many ways.

We have a small home/kitchen/pantry, making it necessary to buy and eat more fresh food, rather than having pre-prepared, processed packaged food on hand. As someone else mentioned, having carrot, celery and broccoli already cleaned and waiting in the fridge is what saves me from poor choices.

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Shoshana Bloom

Thanks you so much for this timely article. I am at present doing a four week detox and do it buy any premade foods or junk food. But I have a HUSBAND. nuff said


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