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Jill DiMartino

I love the "kitchen within a kitchen" in kitchen #1. It looks like a butler's pantry, but with access off of the kitchen rather than between the kitchen and dining room. I would use this as a pantry and baking area. I also love that the work triangle is big in this kitchen, as I always have multiple people cooking in my kitchen. When you have a big family and multiple generations in one house, spreading that triangle out is key to a peaceful, functional kitchen! I love the combination of wood and black in that kitchen as well. A little more minimalistic design with the furniture and cabinets and that would be my dream kitchen right there!

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Looking back at the article and comments...I still like #1 the best for looks (despite the black) and I could see the benefit with multiple cooks (as Jill DiMartino suggests), but I personally would NOT want a sitting area in the middle of my kitchen, however cozy it may look. I can just imagine the whole family milling about, getting in the way, distracting me with idle chatter while I'm trying to put a meal together in that spread-out space, even with help. I love having family over but I'm a one-thing-at-a-time gal, and visiting takes place only when the cooking is done! For similar reasons I would not want a bartop counter or otherwise open design.

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Someone please remove the wreath above the stove...unless, of course, you're looking to toast marshmallows indoors.


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