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Archevie Design, first I have to tell you that “archevie” auto corrects to “arch evil”. Made me chuckle.

We were thinking of future needs as well as what we wanted for the here and now when we built our home back when our five children ranged in age from 10-19. The rec room we put in the basement made ours the hangout house, which was just fine with me. That room included a mini kitchen where they could stock drinks in the fridge and microwave their popcorn or whatever without having to come upstairs. Shortly after we moved in we had a party with some of our friends on the main floor while one of the kids had another party going in the basement. Our friends only knew about the other party after my daughter’s friend, not knowing about the basement entrance, arrived late to her party and came to the front door. Then after they grew up, it provided space for them when they returned. Four of them have moved back for a time, three with spouses and two of those with children of their own. They had access to not only the basement bedrooms but the large rec room became their living room and office and the addition of a couple more small appliances made the kitchen a bit more usable for a family. We also included a second laundry room in the basement as well as the main one on our main floor so we didn’t even have to coordinate laundry facility use until we had a family in the basement and a couple in the bonus bedroom suite over the garage, which had been designated the guest room. I know we’re very fortunate to have been able to build our home in a way that this would work well for us but the planning that went into it plays a big part.

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Archevie Design

Kristina, Ha, funny, usually it autocorrects to "archive". Flexibility is a wonderful thing. I love when when small changes to a home keep it current with the owner's changing needs.

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Webado Webada

Our basement would be perfect as a separate suite provided it had its own entrance. No such luck and too expensive to excavate to build an entrance which could be through what is now a cold storage room we don't use (dampness issue). The excavation would have to be right in our front garden bed which we've just rebuilt last summer as part of a landscaping makeover.

Between the cost of the work and the permits (assuming they'd even be granted) and the need to redo our landscaping in that area, it's just not doable. Should have thought of that 32 years ago when the house was being built if only to provide an exit from the basement at least for emergencies. But at that time we were young and nimble and the suggestion of using the basement windows to get out in an emergency was not an impediment.

In any case my parents are now both deceased and my in-laws were gone before I had even met my husband.

Wed had one or the other of our children live in the basement for some time (both as teens and later when they returned as adults in between jobs and rentals). It's well laid out and quite bright, with a full bathroom, but no kitchen or laundry. Both could be finagled out of the current large furnace room where hookups could be added for everything including the 220V for a dryer and a stove. Something for a future owner of the house to consider.


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