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Project 1:

Hiya, I've got a mahogany wood table, and chairs, that I want to paint White, I have just sanded it, I've got Zinsser Cover Stain, which I believe will block out the hot-pink bleed, that comes through when you paint it white without the cover stain, I am wondering what paint i should use to make the table as durable as it can be, and I want to be able to put plates with hot foods, and not have the paint come off, also i was thinking of using Gloss Paint, Or even Radiator paint, Should I use either of these Paints? (If not what would you recommend?) And if so, Do I still need to Seal it, Or is the Gloss (Or Radiator Paint) enough, If i do need to seal it What do I seal it with,

Project 2:

I'm also trying to Paint a Laminate Unit, White, this I was going to Seal with the Zinsser Cover Stain, just the same as the Table, and I would also like to use the same Paint I will be using for Project 1 And then Seal, or not seal, In the same way as Project 1 so whatever you would recommend for Project 1, It would be nice If it worked for Laminate as well,

the only other thing I'm having a problem Is sanding it, I used 120 Grit sand Paper but that is not Sanding it at all! I have 220 coming soon, but will this be Enough?

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Nelida Mejia
@ Ibean did you sand before painting?
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I love the way you did the furniture in picture titled perfect imperfection! You are located very close to me. Do you lighten furniture for people or only give advise on how to do it yourself? I live in San Mateo County.


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