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The color of your bedroom also has an impact on your sleep. The color you chose for your walls will have on effect on the way the room makes you feel. There is a survey made by: Travelodge that revealed that people who slept in blue rooms got the best night's sleep, an average of 7 hours 52 minutes. The runners up were: moss green, pale yellow and gray.

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Renee, plants release much less CO2 than humans and other animals, even at night. If you're sleeping with a partner or pet, and the CO2 they release isn't disturbing your sleep or affecting your health, the plants won't either. The oxygen they release more than offsets the CO2. I don't have plants in my bedroom because it's at the front of the house so I very seldom open the blinds all the way so plants wouldn't get enough light. I'm not a fan of artificial plants overall but especially in the bedroom, for the same reason I have blinds and shutters rather than curtains. I have allergies and it's much easier to dust a smooth, flat surface.

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The healthiest thing you can do for or quality in the bedroom is to sleep with the window open at least a crack. I do that even in winter weather, most of the time. If the window is closed because it’s too cold or windy, or it’s raining sideways, I run my air filter. That doesn’t affect CO2, of course, but it does circulate the air efficiently.

I don’t keep plants in the bedroom because I am allergic to molds. Moist potting soil I not a good thing to have in the bedroom.


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