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Fizzfan54 you won't get any abuse from me. I certainly use my tea towels more than once and, shock horror, I wipe the worktops down with them too, also I never use antibacterial wipes. Still here 74 years later and the only time I have ever had a stomach upset was after eating fish in a restaurant. I guess our immune systems are very robust because we have "eaten a peck of dirt".
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Jaya Jaya

Re tea towels... I air dry my dishes. tea towels are used for spills and drying hands... changed when needed. Sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, or anywhere in between.

Antibacterial wipes = superbugs, never die. No thanks. Wipe down with vinegar, and/or soap and hot water.

Re zones... it depends 'how' you cook, dunnit? I can't face guests or family and chat, else I'd salt when I should sugar, or vice versa. Need to concentrate when cooking! *sigh* don't get old, chidlins!

Actually, I can't think of anything worse than someone talking to me when cooking - annoying! Unless I am making a mess with friends, and we're not doing 'precision' cooking - otherwise known as pfaffing! Have taught a couple of impromptu curry classes in this kitchen now. Great having the huge island clear so everyone can prep at once.

@Josephine Geeson Blackadder kitchens... snicker snicker... 'I'd buy a big turnip in the country!'

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GREAT ARTICLE, THANK YOU! I was getting slammed for my draft kitchen layout posted in design dilemma and I had a zoned kitchen layout. Everything your article stated and comments confirmed the way I personally work in my kitchen has your support. So many of the “Pros” are focused on the triangle or cooktop on the island, ugh. Zones make sense. Thank you!
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