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J Till

Four years ago I remodeled the second floor bathroom. The house had a boiler with baseboard heat. We took out the bathtub and radiator. We built a concrete shower pan for the shower area with a tile floor. Underneath the tile we laid in plywood that had a routered pattern for installing 1/2" PEX which I hooked up to the boiler in the basement. The PEX runs under the hardiboard and floor tile and also through concrete shower pan that we laid in. Best thing I ever did. The kids love the warm floors, the room acts like a giant radiator. I did put in an small electric wall heater for times of the year when the boiler is not being used.

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Jason Moncrief

We redid the master bath about four years ago in Texas. I considered whether a heated floor was really necessary in Texas, but one of my issues with my mid-1980s house was the freezing tile floors near the edge of the slab. We put in Ditra Heat, which was very new at the time. Best money I spent on the remodel, hands-down. Everything else I did, except for the Toto Washlet, would be OK done several other ways. If my house burned down tomorrow, we would rebuild, and change some things...but not the Ditra Heat.

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Kate West

I am very interested in putting Ditra heating on the slab, under tiling in both our bathrooms in the reno we are doing. Has anyone experienced any issue with 1) tiling on top of slab? 2) malfunction of this heating system? 3) need for additional heating where the floor heat might not be sufficient? Any comments on “sweating tiles” due to humidity in the bathroom. That is why our contractor is not keen on the idea of tiles on slab. Thanks. P.s. We live in the northeast where it gets cold!


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