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Over the years, I have hired cleaning ladies on an "as needed" basis. Believe me, when you are working a stressful full-time job and, as others have stated, you don't want to spend all your well-deserved weekends cleaning your house, it is wonderful to have someone else help. Right now, I am recovering from an accident and in a wheelchair (and live alone), I have to rely on my cleaning lady more often and to help with things like making the bed, cleaning upstairs, and retrieving items from the garage. I must say, she has been so kind and nurturing, and she is worth her weight in gold!

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(to mrskk) I am a mom of four (soon to be five), work part time, and am very able-bodied. I choose to spend my few solitary moments to go for a run. Of course, I clean all the time because of the demands of motherhood (I think it's good for the whole family to pitch in), but even though I chose my messy fate by having these kids, I still deserve to go exercise at least.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant? Why have someone prepare your food and serve it to you when any able-bodied, literate person can cook a great meal using a recipe?
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Suzi Hanks
Cleaning lady saved my marriage.

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