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This is an example of a traditional backyard stone landscaping in Columbus.

40th Annual Landscape Awards Program, Columbus, Ohio

Traditional Landscape, Columbus

Residential Installation, Merit Award by Oakland Design, Columbus, OH. The clients in this landscape wished to transform their neglected walled area into an elegant and formal parterre garden. Strong lines and symmetry are the cornerstones of the design, with vertical and horizontal elements emphasized throughout. Structured boxwood complement the vertical lines of flowering magnolia and Frans Fountaine Hornbeam trees, while various perennials provide multi-seasonal appeal. From the client’s residence, the bluestone path leads you into the center of the bisecting stone walkway and highlights the existing trees. To the left, the reconstructed arbor mirrors the elements of the archway. The bench beneath the arch, tucked against the exterior wall, provides a clear view of the balanced plant selections and a quiet, meditative space for the client.

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