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Kitchen - transitional kitchen idea in Other with shaker cabinets, white cabinets and black countertops

Shaker GreyTransitional Kitchen

Kitchen - transitional kitchen idea in Other with shaker cabinets, white cabinets and black countertops —  Houzz

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nkrosie wrote:Jan 12, 2011
  • Dana Negoi
    what a great corner drawer
  • nanz09
    Décora has this cabinet in their line.
dowdall wrote:Mar 9, 2011
    lomisimon wrote:Nov 20, 2011
    • PRO
      Primed By Design Inc
      I love these corner drawers for kitchen cabinets - who carries them in Toronto?
    • PRO
      spaces inc.
      There is quite a number of suppliers in Toronto who carries BLUM hardware. A couple of locations in Vaughan include McFaddens and Contemporary.
    lskss wrote:Dec 18, 2011
      mum2ewat wrote:Jan 26, 2012
      • bepsf
        There are only 3 drawers here - not 6.
      • jimnang4
        Each drawer is one pull not two.
      bbc2 wrote:Jan 28, 2012
        tree1110 wrote:Jan 29, 2012
          jbr252 wrote:Jan 31, 2012
          • bepsf
            Lazy Susans aren't appropriate for utensils and smaller items that would be placed in the top drawer.

            Otherwise, there are very few solutions for corners that don't waste a whole lot of space - Lazy Susans and this included.
          • PRO
            Glenvale Kitchens
            these are corner drawers and are part of Blum's Dynamic Space if you go onto our website you will get a link to Dynamic Space which maximes storage throughout the kitchen!
            so as a user I would say most definately these would hold much more and can be adapted with internal orgalines to store various items, from cutlery to small household appliances.
            I do hope this has been helpful!
          tonyandlia wrote:Feb 12, 2012
          • PRO
            Clever Storage by Kesseböhmer
            Something like this perhaps? We have some other systems too. Let me know if you have any questions about them, I'd be more than happy to help!

            LeMans Blind Corner Cabinet · More Info
          • amywishlist
            thanks for writing up the downside of these cabinets. I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.
          rosinafinelli wrote:Feb 23, 2012
          • Buyanaa Jargaa
            This is looking very good.
          • amy1082
            Diamond Cabinets also make a corner drawer unit. Diamond is a Master Brand cabinet line.
          sasdt117 wrote:Feb 24, 2012
          • cel1958
            What are these cabinets made of MDF or Wood?
          lanealf wrote:Apr 2, 2012
          What material is the black-ish countertop? Thank you!

          - What material is the black-ish countertop? Thank you!

            nanalovesdesign wrote:Apr 2, 2012
            would like to see a photo of this closed, they look too close together

              marievera wrote:May 17, 2012
              What is the floor?

              • 29061921
                Can you advise the name of the floor tiles please
              pat1nolan wrote:May 30, 2012
                jimnang4 wrote:Jun 16, 2012
                • PRO
                  Grace Cycles
                  Western Dovetail- Can you fabricate a carcass to slide into the opening with the hardware attached, thus simplifying the installation?
                • PRO
                  Western Dovetail, Inc.
                  We just make the drawers and supply the hardware. We can help you design the carcass, but you will need a cabinetmaker to make it for you.
                lucialdez wrote:Aug 12, 2012
                are these drawers practical..usefull??is these the best way to well use the corners??

                • jumboshrimp
                  You do lovely work, but the space needed for your drawer setup is a lot greater than most people have available in the corner after sink and appliance placement
                • joann43
                  May I see a pick of the corner drawer open fully to see how space was utilized and the measurements
                airrc wrote:Aug 24, 2012
                • PRO
                  Ibrahim Haddad
                  check out blum.com they the best for that kind of hardwear
                • PRO
                  Western Dovetail, Inc.
                  we make the drawers out of wood. we also supply the blum hardware to go with them
                lipkin58 wrote:Dec 31, 2012
                  pat53 wrote:Jan 24, 2013
                  what size space is needed for this corner drawer cabnet?

                  leah9 wrote:Feb 10, 2013
                  What is the floor?

                    Karen Ashmore wrote:Feb 11, 2013
                    Where are the drawer pulls from? They are great!!

                    • Alice Harmzen
                      I like them too, any information who make this corner drawer-cabnet in South Africa
                    • Barbara Casciano
                      Just found this picture. After some time with use of these, does anyone have negative feedback? I'm intrigued, but am curious if they prove to be a plus or minus.
                    Carola Cadley wrote:Feb 23, 2013
                    What are the countertops?

                      MaryAnn Yerkovich Selenica wrote:Mar 7, 2013
                      Who make these corner cabinets

                      • Momzie
                        Is there a minimum width for the corner drawers?
                      • PRO
                        Andrea Ferreira
                        Anybody in South Florida could offer this corner drawer? I’m planning to get new kitchen soon. Thank you
                      dmobley wrote:Apr 3, 2013
                      What are the countertops made of and what color are they?

                      • pattyparty1
                        I would love to know what the countertops are and what color they are. Thanks
                      • sao95050
                        How much space do the corner cabinets provide- do you have a better close up picture? I have a similar corner in my kitchen I need make better use of...
                      Feysti Dutchess wrote:Apr 3, 2013
                      Thought I would google and I did find it. Love the idea!

                      - http://www.kitchen-cabinets-and-hardware.com/blum-drawer-slides.html

                        auntiepatch wrote:Aug 25, 2013
                        How do these work? I can't wrap my head around this!

                          k_rebel wrote:Aug 25, 2013
                          We're the corner drawers expensive

                          - We're they over $50

                          • Heidi Forsyth
                            Love the great use of corner cabinet
                          • Margaret Sauer
                            Like this much better than the lazy susan we have. Things keep getting knocked off in the back and then I forget I have them, not to mention, worrying about tiny fingers getting smashed.
                          Maura McClellan wrote:Sep 23, 2013
                          Ideas for small homes

                          - Ideas for small homes

                            bonniedevitt wrote:Oct 9, 2013
                              Veronica Vasquez wrote:Oct 29, 2013
                              Lydian Yard wrote:Nov 6, 2013
                              How much would these cost?

                              Ashley wrote:Dec 5, 2013
                                waterbeds wrote:Jan 2, 2014
                                • Alan Wee
                                  These look like the corner drawers made by BLUM, a German kitchen company making all kinds of hinges, runners, etc
                                jaakoo2003 wrote:Jan 19, 2014
                                  Gh Be wrote:May 28, 2014
                                  Fasssdhavasvgshssxqs sfqhwhwbe uvvvbbbvvvvv Jnsn

                                  - Aidsismvcvsvzvxvbx da bzGbadvd c d d c f fd gg Czhxkeqbs aca vvevdbe

                                    Gh Be wrote:May 28, 2014
                                    Fasssdhavasvgshssxqs sfqhwhwbe uvvvbbbvvvvv Jnsn

                                    - Aidsismvcvsvzvxvbx da bzGbadvd c d d c f fd gg Czhxkeqbs aca vvevdbe

                                      Deborah Hattenback wrote:May 31, 2014
                                      What's the best siding

                                      - For a high ranch

                                        jhoks wrote:Jun 17, 2014
                                          watct2tx wrote:Aug 31, 2014
                                          Where do I find them

                                          - Same situation in ct

                                            slevitt4 wrote:Sep 20, 2014
                                              grapes2000 wrote:Sep 23, 2014
                                              How practical us this shape?

                                              - Looks nice . But is it user friendly?

                                              • PRO
                                                You are right.
                                              Betty Leonard wrote:Sep 28, 2014
                                              I really want to put this iny kitchen to replace an outdated carosel s

                                              - Where can I buy these?

                                              • Rachael Timbers

                                                This is a unique way to utilize that corner space.

                                              • Liz Stefania

                                                I know Decora cabinets and Kraft Maid have them. I love mine.

                                              alex_9 wrote:Sep 30, 2014
                                                Melissa George wrote:Oct 12, 2014
                                                Corner drawer

                                                - Store

                                                  frogger7 wrote:Oct 15, 2014
                                                  Is the top drawers used for silverware? And us the bottom capable of s

                                                    PESI inc wrote:Oct 17, 2014
                                                    Need to see inside of the drawers to have an idea capacity

                                                      PESI inc wrote:Oct 17, 2014
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