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You can transform your bathroom into a luxury spa just by adding a set of soft, fluffy towels. From luxurious bath sheets to super absorbent washcloths, there’s bathroom towels out there for everyone. Here are a couple of tips on how to pick the best bath towels and keep them looking pristine:

What kind of bathroom towel material is best?

The most popular material choices include Turkish and Egyptian cotton, as well as bamboo. Turkish towels are made from rich, plush Turkish cotton, but another option is the traditional towel, also known as a pestemal. Pestemals are made from hand-woven materials and are highly absorbent. Another well-liked option for washcloths and bath sheets is Egyptian cotton, which is prized for its long fibers and high thread count. Similar to Egyptian cotton is Pima (or Supima) cotton, which is grown in the United States. More recently, bamboo has also become a popular choice, and bamboo towels have a number of amazing qualities. Along with naturally having antimicrobial qualities, bamboo’s ability to absorb moisture is superior even to cotton. These towels certainly don’t lack in softness, and best of all, bamboo is an eco-friendly choice.

How do I keep my towels soft and fluffy?

Care for your new set of towels should begin the moment they arrive. Before you can indulge in your new purchase, you’ll want to run them through the wash. It’s also recommended that you add a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle, which will keep each towel’s color rich and vibrant. If you’ve brought home a new set of bamboo towels, be sure to run them in the delicate wash cycle with cold or lukewarm water. No matter what kind of towel you have, you’ll want to refrain from adding a dash of fabric softener into the mix as this can reduce absorbency.