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It’s thought that, years ago, bed skirts were meant to hide unruly bedposts or box springs, reduce the amount of dust and dirt that gathered beneath the bed, and prevent cold drafts from creeping underneath while you slept. Whatever the importance of a bed skirt was historically, it now mainly provides a fashionable addition to the modern bedroom. From eyelet lace to denim and matelassé, bed skirts come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

While you might think a bed skirt and a dust ruffle are one in the same, that’s not the case. Both serve the same purpose but go about it in a slightly different fashion. A dust ruffle is made of pleated or gathered fabric that’s just long enough to reach from the top of the box spring to the floor. It’s designed to be fastened around the box spring via a stretchy band or Velcro closures. A bed skirt, on the other hand, incorporates a large piece of fabric that sits between the box spring and the mattress, plus three pleated or ruffled sides that hang down to the floor.