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Various types of cat furniture are great additions to any home with a feline friend. They provide entertainment and cozy spaces for daytime naps, plus they can redirect destructive but natural behaviors like scratching. If you’re looking for some cat-friendly furniture for your home, here are two essentials plus a few extras.

Should I buy a cat scratching post?

If you own a cat, you should own at least one scratching post, as well. A cat scratcher allows your kitty to continue sharpening their claws, which is a natural instinct that also helps them mark their territory. You can find cat scratching posts made from cardboard, carpet and sisal.
• Cardboard: While cardboard styles tend to be cheapest, they will need to be replaced often. You might also prefer a material that doesn’t leave shredded pieces behind.
• Carpet: Carpet tends to hold up a bit better, but you may prefer to avoid it since it could confuse your cat about which carpet is OK to scratch: the one on the post or the one on your floor.
• Sisal: Sisal is a natural material that holds up incredibly well. It will also leave behind less debris than other options and shouldn’t need to be replaced very often.

When searching for a cat scratcher, make sure you choose a style with a heavy base so it doesn’t fall over when your cat uses it. If you have more than one cat at home or if you have a larger house, you may want to purchase multiple cat scratching posts and place them in various rooms where your cat likes to spend time.

Do I need a cat tree?

Cats love to climb, so providing them with vertical space where they can climb and perch is a great idea. Cat trees are a chance for your kitty to get some exercise, too, and if you have multiple cats in your home they can also provide a way for them to assert their place in their social hierarchy. Just like your scratching post, you’ll want to choose a cat tree with a heavy, sturdy base. Most trees feature cat scratching posts, and you can again choose between carpet or sisal. If your cat doesn’t seem interested in their new kitty condo, try sprinkling some catnip onto various scratching surfaces and perches, or dangle one of their favorite toys from a ledge.

Are there any other types of cat furniture I should have?

While cat trees and a scratching post are recommended, you can also grab a few extras for your feline companion. Cat shelves can be attached to your walls to allow your daring and fearless cat to climb up near your ceilings and watch everything going on below. Other styles of furniture resemble cat trees but can be attached to your door, allowing your cat to climb up and enjoy a high perch without taking up floor space. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s built well so it holds up to all the fun your cat will have once you bring it home.